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Hey Everyone!  Jan's hubby here.... Whew, what a couple of days we have had here....I am reminded of a story I would like to share:

A woman was following another car and as they approached an intersection the light turned YELLOW and the car in front STOPPED.  Well, the woman following in the second car was furious because she was in a hurry and knew that the car in front of her could have made it through the yellow light along with herself.  This sent her into a fury and she began to honk her horn, shake her fist in disgust, and make obscene gestures.

A policeman was behind her and approached the car, he had her step out of the car, handcuffed her and put her into the patrol car.  Moments later he released her.  She questioned the officer as to why he did this to her... He responded by saying that he noticed what had occured with the YELLOW light and witnessed the honking, fist shaking and obscene gestures.  Then he noticed the "FISH" emblem and the "Follow Me To Sunday School" sticker on the bumper of the car and told the lady "I just assumed that the car was stolen"!

Moral of the story.... kindness and love LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING!

Each one of us are dealing with some very tough problems right now.  Some of you have OCVA, some are caretakers looking for support and some are here looking for answers to this disease.  I have been so moved by the outpouring of support each of you have and I WANT THAT TO CONTINUE.  Jan needs you, I need you, and I'm sure that each one of you needs us and each other EVER SINGLE DAY!

Life is not fair and all we have is GOD and EACH OTHER to lean on.  Lean on each other... Lean on your Caretaker..Caretakers lean on other Caretakers.

Each day we have a responsibilty, in spite of what life throws at us, to help make this world a better place.  

You have my love...EACH and I stress EACH of you.....carry on.  Keep the strengh and keep the Hope.  All we have is each other and God and that LOOKS LIKE LOVE!

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wow, thats a really nice post. the story was pretty funny :) but your right, life isnt fair- i lost my mom when i was 17 from cancer, and i didnt understand it at the time, but she is now my guardian angel and ive become a much stronger person. and my outlook on life changed, for the better. i appriciate things a lot more, and i live everday like its the last! its nice to see really supportive ppl, who REALLY care, means a lot :)
take care
God Bless
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Thank you. I have gotten to know Jan very well in the last month or so and think the world of her. It makes me happy to see that she has such a loving and caring husband. Yes it has been rather stressful the last few days and you are right, all we have is God and each other and we need each other. And that is the reason that most of us are here, that outpouring of love and support. Without it I really do not know where some of us would be. We all go through some kind of hell every day of our lives, but knowing thereare so many people out there who know and understand, makes it a lot easier to get by. LOL Chris
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I'm sure Jan appreciates having you to lean on. I had no husband or family, other than a 14 year old daughter who really didn't seem to care much. Fortunately, I had God and friends. Having a good support system means everything. Peace.
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I couldnt have said it better myself .... Just plain perfect :)
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My husband is a good man and I am just bumping this up because I want more people to read it. He really is a man of few words and it is hard for him to communicate his feelings, but he did a pretty good job of it here.
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Hi Jan... Just going by your hubby's post, yes... you have a real gem, I think. Hang onto him. :-) Pity mine didn't take a leaf our of your man's book. Oh well, we can't all be blessed. :-)
I hope you are doing well Jan, and I wish you both a very Happy New Year.... hugs...Helen...
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Thanks for the smile you put on my face......seems you have managed to quiet all the noise and bring a little peace to this place......again, thanks.  I wish for you and Jan a Healthy and Happy New Year!
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Truer words could not be spoken. Your wife is very lucky to have such support, and personally I appreciate the kindness as well. God Bless you and yours this holiday season.
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What a nice post!  I appreciate your kind words.  Jan has been such an encouragement to me on this board.  I can see she is well matched with a great guy.  I hope you guys have a Happy New Year!!!!!!     Shelly
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Your post had me in tears. It was filled with so much love and deep sympathy for all of us going through this. Thank you. Please just keep doing what you are doing, because I need Jan around - she is an incredible woman of strength and courage. I love her fiestyness, and feel you need a little of that to kick this beast right in its a$$.
Jan - You lucky girl, what a man!
I wish you both a happy new year filled with low ca-125's, happiness, and love. Deandra
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happy new year to all
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That was really nice!  Jan is such an inspiration on this forum and I see she has a caring husband who matches her well!  I wish you both a wonderful 2008 filled with love and peace!!
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