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Tamoxifen didn't work for me

For those that knew I started Tamoxifen 8 weeks ago, it didn't work for me.  Today at my doctor's appt, I was told my number (CA125) went from 72 (8 weeks ago) to 161.  Still not a significant number, but I'll be starting Taxol weekly for the next 6 months.  (Hopefully) this will put the disease in check for me.  Only time will tell.  Now, I will be putting that chemo tracker to use, but I've been told that weekly Taxol is not so bad.

And, seriously thinking about having a port put in, but still not sure.  Will wait to see if my veins will survive a poke once a week for the next few weeks before I decide.

For those that are on Tamoxifen, I'm truly happy it works for you.  At least, I know that it works for some.

Take care.  Angie
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I am so sorry Angie.  I have been on tamoxifen since 7/07.  # went down to normal (20) by 12/07, but is up to 77 as of a couple weeks ago.  I heard that it will only work up to 2 years .. we'll see.  I wish you well with your taxol tx.  Taxol was not too bad for me.  Keeping you in my prayers, Judy
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Get that port put in!!!   It really is the way to go, Chemo is really hard on the veins and the port makes things go so much easier.  Also get a power port put in.  That way you can use it for CT scans too.  The procedure is easy and it doesn't hurt.
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I have an arm port and have had it in for 3 years.  The first time I had one I had it taken out as soon as I was NED (I guess I wasn't being realistic).  It really is the way to go--- and ditto for Susan's comment about a power port.  They didn't have them when I had mine put in.

And the tamoxifen only gave me 6 extra months before I needed chemo again.  The arimidex didn't work at all, and neither did evista.  I really hope the weekly taxol will knock the stupid cancer back into submission/remission.

Good luck
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