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Taxol Reaction

I have clear cell carcinoma of the ovary. It has been staged 1a. I just had my first chemo treatment and I had a severe alergic reaction to taxol. I've read everything I can find and I see that taxol is the medication that's needed for ccc. Does anyone have any information concerning other useful drugs for ccc ?
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Your Doctor will have to figure that out. The right drug is any drug the clear cell responds to. I have clear cell as well and luckily could take Taxotere. The trick with clear cell is with some people the clear cell is resistant to chemo. I had to have the name brand because of my MS. I did six chemos of that and Carboplatin. I responded well to chemo even though I am stage IIIc Clear Cell. I try to ignore a lot what I have read on the internet about clear cell most of it is out dated. Plus it does not matter what happens to someone else, what matters is how I react to the chemo. I had mild allergic reactions so they could give me I.V. benadryl. My throat got real itchy and swelled once. I did have every side effect but I now have forgotten how rough chemo was for me. I am ready to go again anytime they tell me its time. Avastin was suggested but I could not take it because of my MS.

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I have read somewhere that if you have an allergic reaction to taxol they can administer it at a much slower rate and this works for some ladies.I would speak to you're Oncologist to see if this is an option for you.

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Hi there, I too was a Stage 1A, Clear Cell.  I had Carbo/Taxotere back in 2006 and then Carbo/Gezmar in 2011.  Luckily I did not have a reaction, but I too have heard that your oncologist can do different techniques to administer it to avoid a reaction and also they will give you steroids, etc along with it.  Best of luck to you!!

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