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Tender painful swollen abdomen, lump in groin

First of all I've had a lump in my groin about the size of a marble for over a year.  No explanation.  Excessive scar tissue and cyst on my left ovary.  This is what I know.  My question is that last week (in between cycles) I started having cramping and terrible pain in left ovary area.  Now my belly is swollen, which is common as of lately, but very tender, and absoultely untouchable around my left ovary area.  My jeans hurt, I can't lay face down, and moving in a certain way hurts there.  And as far as the lump, its in my groin on my right side.  I think its a lymph node, but no one seems concerned.  Its hard and it never goes away.  I am only 25, three children, one miscarriage for certain, possibly two.  I just started a new job last week and I can't take off work to see a doctor.  Is this anything to be concerned about?  MY OB/Gyn wants me to have a hysterectomy due to the execessive scar tissue, (I was his worst case ever), and my mom had cancer of her uterus when she was in her mid forties.  Does anyone have any advice of suggestions.  I am really scared.  Could my cyst have ruputured, is that serious?
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Hi Mary.  And I saw my ob/gyn in October.  I had a laporoscopy in October.  Which he couldn't complete for all the excessive scar tissue.  My uterus and bladder are all stuck together and stuck to my abdominal wall.  And that is the only diagnosis I have had and that my tubal ligation failed which resulted in a miscarriage in June, which my doc said that the remains of the miscarriage were very stange in that pathology could not identify all parts?  if that makes sense.  I have saw another doctor at an urgent clinic who thinks the lump most definately is a lymph node, but my blood work, as far as a cbc was fine.  They also tested me for lupus which was negative.  And the cyst was found by ultrasound in April and saw again by ultrasound in June and September was the last ultrasounds.  And at that time as far as I know there was no change.  But the cyst did not go away, and one of those doctors told me it was funtional.  Any advice?
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My tubal ligation was actually done by a partner or another ob/gyn in his office.  But other than that all the same office and doctor with the exception of the urgent care doc I saw back in September.  Since my tubal on 09/09/03, I have had spells with terrible mood swings, VERY heavy cycles, hair loss, bleeding between cycles, irregular cycles, my swelling belly, the miscarriage in June, pain mostly from groin, so I have actually saw my doc several times, but it was always wait and see and come back, and I do and we tried birth control two different times.  The first time I tried Yasmin it mad me feel terrible, the worst mood swings imaginable; I took it a month.  The second time I tood it April May and June, until the miscarriage.  I felt even worse this time, and it made my heart heart and have palpitations.  So I am not taking those anymore.  Last time he just told me to come back for my annual in December.  So I actually need to see him anyway.
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I agree with RavenLady.  You need a second opinion with someone willing to take the time to do all the testing necessary to find what is going on.  Even if it is just a lymphnode, they need to find why it is so prominent.  It coudl be as simple as a slight infection from remnants of your miscarriage but it could be something that you don't want to play around with.  Be persistent!!
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I don't think it is from the miscarriage due to the fact that it was there months before the miscarriage.  And I know you're right about the second opinion.  Thanks so much.
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