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Teratoma, What can I expect? Very scared!!

I recently found out I have a mature teratoma in the left adnexa measuring 4.3cm. No left ovarian tissue was identified. The right ovary has an anechoic cyst measuring 2.5cm. endometrium measures 7mm and my uterus measures 7.9x3.9x5.6.
I have severe OCD and anxiety and no matter how much i research and read all of your stories I cannot find comfort. I have a consultation tomorrow and i am very scared. The pain is annoying anf sometimes unbearable. I went 3 months with no period and just started bleeding very bright red and started on the 26th. I have had blood clots as well. All very bright red. Pain in my legs and pelvic area. Headaches, tired all the time. I am nausiated all the time. My blood pressure has been unusually high for myslef readin 137/95. What I'm trying to get to is....
What can I expect. I know I am going to need surgery but like I just want to know someone else out there has been through this and can talk to me about it. I feel ad though I should ask for an open surgery because I don't feel comfortable with someone using a camera to cut this out. Can I request that? Please help me with this. I am so alone and so scared.
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Are you going to have some one with you at the appointment? I did not and wish I had. I would not have the open surgery if I could help it. I am not sure if a doctor would think that was a good idea. There are more complications and a much harder and longer recovery. You do not have to rush into anything. You can get a second opinion if anything does not seem right. This is not a situation where you have to have surgery yesterday. I know you are scared. Try to take it one step at a time.

I won't have anyone with me. My husband has to work due to us having never-ending bills and I have no family near me. Not any friends really either, I'm a very homey person. As for the surgery and all that comes with it, I have a very anxious personality. I have always had a very big issue controlling my anxiety and my mind constantly runs a milllion miles an hour. Im worried they might not see something they should. Honestly its hard enough to trust some stranger to cut me open let alone use a camera to see what they are doing. However, due to family situation I cant be down and out recovering for a very long time. Times are hard and I need to be back on my feet. I will also be on my own during the daytime after surgery because he needs to work. So any tips on how to be prepared for that. I know I should do laundry, clean up the house, run errands, things like that before surgery but what else can I do to prepare. Especially being on my own.
IF you can buy a walker at a good will or thrift store that is helpful. We use ours when ever anyone has abdominal surgery for getting out of bed or off the coach by yourself. Boost or ensure can help. They are liquid nutrition if you do not feel like eating.
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I replied to you on the Ovarian Cysts forum. Mature teratoma is another name for dermoid. These are benign cysts (non-cancerous). They are also very slow growing (1 to 2mm a year according to this link - http://radiopaedia.org/articles/mature-cystic-ovarian-teratoma) so you shouldn't need to feel rushed into having surgery if you are not comfortable with the surgeon's plan such as wanting to remove the ovary versus just the cyst. The reason the ovary cannot be seen on u/s is because the cyst is probably encapsulating it. The ovary is the size of an almond so a cyst much smaller than even 1cm could easily overtake it.

The cyst on your other ovary says it is "anechoic" which is an indication that it is a simple cyst which is a normal part of the menstrual cycle and therefore does not need any intervention / surgery. But they may want to remove it while they are in there (if it doesn't go away by itself beforehand) because they do sometimes continue growing instead of going away.

I hope this helps ease your mind a bit. I personally was rushed into surgery for a 9cm cyst and wish I had done things very differently. Unfortunately, far too many women lose an ovary or ovaries and even their uterus for benign ovarian cysts when JUST THE CYST should be removed. I was de-sexed (lost ovaries, tubes, and uterus) even though my cyst was benign. Every aspect of my life and health has been affected since we need our organs our whole lives for good health. They are not just for reproduction. So please do your research and protect yourself on the surgical consent form.
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Thank you very much. They are doing a robotic assisted surgery which is scheduled for the 11th of November. Pre op is on the 3rd. ugh so not ready for all this.
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It went very well. He was able to peel the teratoma from the ovary and saved the ovary and tube. When I woke I was quite groggy and out of it but I knew where I was. It was honestly extremely painful. My right side feels like hell which is where they pulled out the teratoma. They took the breathing tube out before I woke. I have a catheter in and I had leg compression sleeves. The surgery took him an hour. I was in the recovery room for an hour and then they brought me to my room where my husband was brought up. I was able to eat dinner. Not super easy but I could stomach real food. COFFEE, Coffee feels so great on your throat!!!! Water is great when u first wake but coffee is soothing!! Make sure you ask for your pain medicines when you start to hurt even a little. Its takes them a minute to get it. I brought my own blanket from home and its sooo nice. Not only is it more comfortable but it smells like home. :-) I'm a very very tired. Don't want to move but its good to get up and move every so often or its worse. I MADE IT!!!
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I have had Toradol, Percocet, and morphine. Out of all of them the morphine is bringing the pain down enough to sleep. I. staying over night and obviously I cannot sleep I'm hurting so bad. Waiting for more morphine . I have staples in 5 different incisions. the right side is just painful as hell. the gas in my shoulders and back is really uncomfortable but bareable to a point
I would have to say breathing and talking is what really hurts the most.amd Omg coughing. have a pillow on your tummy at all times!!! You never know when you need to cough. and its not fun.
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I am glad you are over the worst. You will feel just a bit better every day. Yes it is important to have the pain medication ahead of the pain. If you have gas pain walk it helps.

I just had a two hour awake surgery last week. They gave me local shots as we went. I do not like awake surgeries. I have had this particular surgery three times in three years.

I hope you heal quickly.

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So glad to hear surgery went well and you still have your ovary. Be sure to follow the doctor's post-surgical orders so you heal properly. Hoping you will be back to normal soon!
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