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Terrified of ovarian cancer (only 21 yrs old) please read!

Hi everyone, I wanna thank you in advance for reading as it's very appreciated. I've been experience some weird abdominal "pains" they can go from a dull throb to a quick sharp pain but it doesn't hurt me... Some times it can be a weird pins and needles feeling too... All the pains are very random and can last from a few seconds to 20. Sometimes I have none, it all depends.


Since June of last year I've had health issues and extreme anxiety, especially health anxiety. It all started out with pains kind of like I'm describing in my abdomen/pelvis area but in the right of my breast and into my armpit area, this continue for about 2-3weeks and I got an ultrasound on breast (Everything was fine) they went away and then I started getting sharp and a full constant pain in the right side of my head.. It was unbearable at times and lasted a month or so went away and kept coming back so I got an MRI. It showed a small cyst on my pituitary gland but my doctor and neurologist said he doesn't think this is the cause of my pain. The head pain has since gone away... Throughout all of this I have been extremely fatigued and exhausted, my anxiety has been severe as well as I'm always scared there's something underlying, I had to quit my job because I always felt like I was gonna pass out and I just never feel right.. Something is off. I also had extreme "brain fog". when the head pain was gone I just had extreme anxiety in general... In either October or November I started having severe abdominal pain and had abnormal blood when I urinated for one day (not around my period) but the blood was definitely from the vagina not urine... But my urine looked pink. The abdominal pain lasted for a whole week, it was so bad I could barely move but it ended up going away and I haven't had it since. But I have noticed I have discharge a lot more than I used to. Especially when I pee.. If I look down I can usually see it looks cloudy when it first comes out and i noticed this when I had the abdominal pain but it has continued. My boyfriend and I have also been trying to conceive for 2 years and nothing has happened.

I get leg pain a lot..... And also pain in my forearms and fingers at times.

I have the frequent urge to urinate a lot too. But when I go not much comes out.

Back to the recent issues... I have had constipation AND diarrhea... I have a lot of flatuence. The pains are very weird and random as I mentioned and I have told my dr... He sent me for an X-ray to see if I had any waste stuck in my colon (I believe that's what he said) but I don't think that would detect a mass....

I have also gained about 25 lbs in 3 months...

When in the ER in September it showed my thyroid levels were borderline. But when tests again they were normal.

I had high iron levels at one point but those also went back to normal.

Thyroid hasn't been checked in a few months.

I have very bad back pain as well... Lower back and neck and shoulders especially. They are very tender to touch.

Today got my period 2 days early with no cramps... Normally I get pretty bad cramps and know when it's coming. But I had no idea.

If anyone could help me out, I'd appreciate it & im sorry if I sound crazy... It's all so hard to explain and I feel like no one believes anything I say. It's been really hard. I cry almost every day.

Thank you for any responses in advance :)

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You have a 1.4% of ever getting Ovarian cancer.  Less because you are 21. You could have something like poly cystic ovarian syndrome. You might have cysts on your ovaries and one might have rupture with your past pain. What you describe does not sound like ovarian cancer. You usually lose a bunch of weight. I had lost weight while my belly looked like I was pregnant. Vomiting in common. I vomited every day.

If you are worried about your ovaries have a tranvaginal ultrasound. It is the best way to tell ovarian cancer. They can also tell if it is pcos.

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