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The Surgery

Firstly thank you so much to everyone who has answered and cared so deeply. Amazing people. Can anyone help give me some info on recovery times after surgery, eg mobility, pain factor energy levels etc. Is it better to start kemo as soon as possible if the patient is strong enough? Has anyone tried surgery and then no kemo with alternative cures? Thanks again for your help.
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Yes, this is a wonderful forum with amazing people.  I am looking for answers on recovery myself, and thank you for your post.  I'll be watching this for our ladies experience and wisdom.

I hope your healing is complete and filled with peace and wisdom.

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When I had my surgery I had the hip to hip incission . I did feel bruised and sore but the surgeon does have to cut through fat and muscle and so its not suprising . I would say that it certainly wasn,t as painful as I had imagined it to be and recovery for me was approx 3 weeks although I was not allowed to lift anything or drive for 6 weeks. Really you have to be sensible and not overdo anything as you need to heal ,I used mild painkillers and tried to walk around as much as possible . You will feel tired and this is normal but again if you are sensible and rest you will gain back energy and stamina far quicker than if you do too much too soon. I have not tried the alternative approach instead of chemo , I would be to frightened to do that myself I would say that its risky !! . My chemo started appox 6-8 weeks after surgery . I hope this has helped you a bit and I wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery.

Good luck and Best wishes Angie
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Hello... As with all facets of this disease, times of recovery after the operation can differ from one to the other. My time in hospital was 2 weeks... then the following week I started chemo. The Surgeons told me that this was possible because I was very fit and well, and didn't have any other health issues to be concerned about. As Angie said, lifting (or even sweeping with a broom) is out for at least 6 weeks. I think especially if your Mum is late stage OvCa, it could be risky to try alternative treatments in preference to chemotherapy. Wishing your Mum all the best....hugs...Helen..
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Hello there. After my surgery I had numerous complications which delayed the chemo, but I was suprised at how fast I recovered. To be honest, it was not as painful or awful as I thought it would be. Tell your mother to move as soon as possible because it will help to get things moving. No lifting and make sure she does the breathing exercises in the hospital to keep her lungs clear. She will have good pain meds to keep her comfortable. I would agree with all the ladies here that with advanced stage ovca, chemo would be your best option. I wish you and your mom the best of luck, with love   Deandra
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Hi. I had a very long and difficult surgery.  They removed all female organs, some of the colon, the omentum and a huge rectal tumor. I expected to feel horrible for a long time after the operation. I didn't. There was, of course some soreness, but nothing I had trouble managing.I didn't even need to take much of the pain meds I was offered after the 2nd day post-op. The nurse aides had me up in a chair the next morning and walking the hall evening of the day after surgery. I was in the hospital 7 days. I could have left sooner, but it took that long for the bowels to function again. I can't tell you enough how much better I felt having those cancerous tumors out of me. I had felt ill for a long time before diagnosis. I just learned to live my life feeling awful. The feeling of extreme fatigue and queasiness I had carried for years was gone as soon as I woke up from surgery. I started chemo 4 weeks post-op. I wanted to begin chemo earlier, but onc made me wait. I will not lie and say chemo was easy, but it was do-able. The anti-nausea meds were very helpful. Since I came to the forum I have learned of even more ways to make getting through chemo easier if I  have to do it again. I wish both your mom and you the best. If you ever have any questions or just want to talk, come here. Marie
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