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"The Truth about Cancer"

This documentary is coming on tonite on PBS.  It probably isn't a good thing to watch if you are in first line treatment.  It is done by a woman who's husband passed away from cancer.  It does sound good.
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anybody watch the documentary?  I thought it was done well and very "real" . pretty sobering
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I watched it.  I did find it sobering.  I allowed my 10-year old son to watch part of it as well.  We have a lot of relatives who have or had cancer and he has so many questions about what it really is?  I thought it was very well done and I particularly thought that the discussion amongst the cancer survivors was very thought provoking.

Linda Ellerbe actually said something that really hit home for me.  She talked about how when she was diagnosed with cancer, not one person said to her "God, that sucks" or "thats a really horrible thing to happen to you."  Instead, all she got was the typical "oh, it will all work out" and "your'e gonna be fine."  She said that did nothing for her and all she wanted was someone to acknowledge what was happening to her and how horrible it was.  She just wanted acknowledgement.

I don't have cancer.  But, I have had a couple of scares and the "waiting" period was probably the worst time of my life.  The comments I got from most of my friends and family were similar to the comments she got and I felt the same way.  It was incredibly frustrating.

Overall, I thought it was a very well done program...hopefully there will be a repeat.
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Here's the link from PBS.  I thought it was quite heartbreaking to watch.  

It does show that there are many kind and caring doctors and medical professionals who ARE trying to solve the riddles of cancer... and that there are hundreds of types of cancer.  
Linda Ellerbe is so awesome!


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Sorry, one other comment.
The documentary made me DETERMINED to get off my butt and go donate blood AND see about volunteering to donate bone marrow.  I have been meaning to that for ages.
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Gotta love the Internet!

www.marrow.org    In the States and

www.blood.ca      In Canada

Wow!  They make it really easy to do!

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I don't know your story, but no one wants my blood or bone marrow anymore.  I used to donate platelets every month for a couple of years--not knowing that someday I would be in need of them.  Paula
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I am a lifelong member of Lifeline.  I would donate blood every 8 weeks, then they started with platlets, then plasma.  I don't have alot of money, but it was "something" I could do to "help the planet".  I can't donate anymore either (and I still don't have alot of money).
But now, what I find, is I can contribute by Prayer.  And I think this is the best thing I could do yet!

I missed the documentary, but was a bit afraid to watch it anyway.  Now that I know Linda Ellerbee did it, I will feel more comfortable to watch.  You're right--she rocks!
I LOVE the documentaries she does for Nickelodeon.  It deals with difficult, vital issues in a responsible, respectful, and open way for children to better understand life's problems.


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i have had a very past two days. Although i did not get to watch it, i am so struggling at the moment with everything i am only 24 and was diagnosed at 22. I am finding i am loosing a lot of friends , people that act like i have something contagious and others who just think its no big deal and others who still go out of their way to make my life hell over petty and i mean petty things. My mum and dad have been great but i dont like putting everything on them i mean i try and stay positive i have alot of dvds and books but sometimes i need to be a little sad or i find im cranky and have had friends in the past that think oh she is sick again. Because i have been unwell for sometime people just think u are making it up half the time when you dont want to do stuff... all i know is i handled the situation different when my pop had cancer and i was only twelve. There are some cruel people out there!

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I am so sorry you are going thru all this.  Sounds like you have had a really rough time.  I liked the movie because it affirmed just how hard cancer is and focused some on how others can't deal with it and have the need to think it will be ok.  I think cancer puts fear in everyone and others often think "if it can happen to her it can happen to me".  It always amazed me that people can't just say how sad they are that this monster has attacked our life.  I mean just a simple, "I am so sorry and I see you going thru such a struggle and I am here for you" is really all that can be said.  I have a friend that was living with her boyfriend and he left her her first day of chemo.  Unfortunately, the people around us don't become emotionally healthy because we are now facing cancer head on.  Their issues just become even more profound.  I cannot imagine the difficulty you must be having with your friends.  Relationships are not always easy at this time in your life, even without cancer.
Have you joined the young adults with ovarian cancer site at www.acor.org?  Please feel free to talk to me at anytime about your sadness.  I have become very close to my daughter and her friends, which are your age, so I do have some experience :)  They have been so sweet to take time to let me know they care even tho they are scattered around at different universities.  My belief is that our feelings are like beach balls in a pool...we can push them down but they will still pop up if we don't express them.  I wish for peace in your life.
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I also watched it and like the others found it very sobering. Maybe I should not have watched it but couldn't help myself. It definately was something to think about.
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