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Just a reminder what this community is about. Everyone here has a common condition and you are here to help and support each other with it. The drama, infighting and personal attacks need to stop. It is destructive and is distracting the community in what its goal is. We don't expect everyone to be best friends with each other, that is unrealistic, but we do expect everyone to be able to co-exist together in a supportive, helpful environment. We truly do not want to take additional action against anyone, but we will for the sake of the community if needed.

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Great post. Thank you for doing this.
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  Please know that while we appreciate what you do for us, it seems that at times your priorities are not quite where they should be. Instead of focusing so much on all of our little squabbles, (which, if you think about it, you cannot get a bunch of wome together everyday with out having a few squabbles here and there) could you please pay a little more attention to the people such as "cenaten" or what ever that posted "cyst"? Their profile says they are a female, but the post says it is from a male wanting to know about a bump that he has on his penis. THAT is the kind of stuff that we do not need here.
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Excuse me, that was "cenefan448" under the post "cyst?"
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The post has been on the OvCa forum for less than an hour.  I'm sure the moderators simply hadn't had time to see it and deal with it properly yet.  It has been moved to the Men's Health Forum.

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I just wondered if you had noticed that the post referred to him being a male, but when you click on the profile, it says female.
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I got some spam with a pyramid scheme for cash.  Those are the type of things I would hope would be filtered out.  I have not observed any personal attacks and have posted some pretty controversial stuff.
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I would like to agree with Chris regarding our appreciation for you. However, I was wondering the other day; what determines whether a post should be removed? I understand that abusive practices won't be tolerated nor should they be. But it seems now that the slightest little thing gets removed. Sometimes I would think that things may get resolved, if left alone, and allow  the members to sort things out. It seems that we are possibly being over protected. . We are. after all, grown women.

We had a wonderful discussion the other night. No one was upset, no one got angry even though it was slightly controversial and I half expected it to be swooped away..
Please consider allowing us to "vent" unless it becomes truly abusive, in which case I imagine you'll hear from the majority of us.

Thanks again for all your do ,
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