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Tightening sensation in abdominal area

My mom has been having these horrible sensations of a tightening of her stomach...she says it feels like sheis being strangled or that a belt is tightening around her stomach.  She recently had fluid drained but that hasnt help.  She doesnt want to take pain killers because she says it makes the constipation worse.

Anyone know anything about this tightening, whats causing it and what can be done?

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Hi Alan,

I wondered if the doctor mentioned that the pain (and I am assuming that this is painful for her) might be caused by Surgical Adhesions? I had never worried about them myself until the pain from my surgical adhesions started about 6 months or so after my radical Hysterectomy in 2000. My husband had an adhesion around once in the area around his Appendix. The doctor was ready to operate when suddenly the adhesion Snapped and he got instant relief.

My surgical adhesions were from my hysterectomy and they were literally collapsing my colon. Very, very painful, which got worse and worse.

I wrote of my experience and how I was able to rid my body of the adhesions/scar tissue and you can find it on the Health Pages (above tag on the right of the top of the forum) and looking for "Relief for Surgical Adhesions. It involves a rather aggressive type of massage so I know you all would check with the doctor before even considering doing the self-treatment, but do take a look and see if any of the information rings true for your Mom.

Nice to see your name on the forum, but I am sorry to know your Mom is in more pain.

Take care,

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Hi Mary,
To my knowledge the doctor never mentioned this.  My mom has always hat CT scans - but not a laparoscopy - so I dont think the CT scans would pick up any adhesions if thats what the problem is.
It sounds like this could be the problem....if it is, does it require surgery to give her relief?
My mom is still fighting and has quite the will to live....the problem is there has been no relief/break from the constant chemo...she is getting too weak and Im not sure how much more of the treatment she can handle.
I appreciate your input and I will make sure the doctor is asked about possible adhesions..
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Sorry, I did not have time to check this post last night.

No, surgery would likely just cause more adhesions (one of the big problems with adhesions... my doctor was baffled as to what to tell me I could do about it. The only thought was to have a colonoscopy every six months so the adhesions surrounding my colon would "Snap." OUCH!  No thanks. My exercise instructor actually was the one who taught me the deep massage method to break up the adhesions. I got tremendous relief.

Look for the "Health Pages" at the top right of the forum here and see if you can find the article I wrote on "Relief for Surgical Adhesions." If you cannot find it, PLEASE... let me know (It took me awhile to find the Health Pages myself) and I will just copy the info here... It is rather long and involved, but the details are important (my opinion).

I will check in later.

Take care,

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One more thing.. I do not have a computer at work, otherwise I would check in earlier. Wish I were more available.

Talk to you later,

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