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Picking up on the conversation from an earlier post.  I was able to attend a lecture given by my GYN/ONC for medical professionals (nurses & doctors).  A friend "snuck" me in since I am neither a doctor or a nurse.  My doc was very frank (and he knew I was there) about the treatments for cancer.  He told this group that you could put all of the treatments in a bag and have the patient pick one out to try.  Some tx work for some people and some don't.  IF there was a CURE for OVCA, we would all be on it.  I think it is important for each individual to read as much as possible on the treatments for this disease.  We would not have AVASTIN, if someone hadn't stepped up to the plate in a trial.  Having said that, I am a hugh chicken to do a Phase I or Phase II trial.  I would consider Phase III knowing that I am getting a drug with definite possibilities.  I know of a lady who tried everything and was told last November she would not make the end of the year.  She just celebrated 4th of July and is holding her own nicely.  Why??  Who knows.  There are not solid answers .. just questions and that is why it is so important to read all that you can.  Quite honestly, I don't understand all that I read, but I read nonetheless.  Here are a couple of websites to consider:  http://www.womenandcancermag.com/  **  http://www.asco.org/  **       http://www.cancer.net/cancer.  I am still considering Essiac Tea and/ or Ginger Tea.  

Judy C
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Oh Judy you are so right. I think it is one big crapshoot with a little knowledge of the patient thrown in.  I am sure my onc gave me Topo because I spent all of the last chemo throwing up and this one is milder, but will it work?  Who knows.  I think we are all in clinical trials considering how little they know even about approved drugs.
I started drinking ginger tea for nausea as Marty recommended and it did work for mild nausea.  I know there are some other benefits also, but my brain can't pull them out right now.  I would keep looking into that essiac tea.  I may be wrong (I often am lately since I can't remember a thing!) but I think I just read something about that.  About people using the wrong part of the plant or something so they weren't getting the benefit from it. I will look that up again.  Shoot I know it was just something I stumbled across when I was looking for something else.  I will try.  
Thank you for doing a real cancer post.
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Thanks for the websites,  D
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