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I havve had a mucinous tumor in my ovary.  I only had one ovary to begin with because a benign tumor was taken off and ovary removed in 2002.  I am opting for the normal treatment of Carboplatin/taxol for 6 treatments.  I don't want the IP treatment because I was told that my quality of life would not be great because of the side effects involved and I would have to get 3 treatments in one week, skip a week, and then start again so I would just start to feel okay and would have to start again.  The study isn't factual just a trial for now so I want to go for what they have been using for years in the US for ovarian cancer.  It may be resistent to this drug but I want to try because I want my quality of life during my treatment also.  If it doesn't work, then I have to deal with it.  Any suggestions?
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I can't tell from your post if you have already had your surgery. I had I/P chemo and completed all 6 cycles, 18 treatments in all. I was told I/P could increase my life a little, based on clinical trial studies. I left it up to my gyn/onc. The side -effects were manageable, but it was not fun by any means. Whatever you do I wish you the best. We are here to help you through it. Marie
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This is  a post that I feel would be better to be posted to the expert doctors forum,  I have no concrete answers for you as I feel you are asking for factual answers. You don't say if you have had any surgery for this latest tumor.
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