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Tubal Ligation using Hulka Clips

Hi ladies.

In a different thread, there was discussion begun on cramping with cysts that was leading to further discussion on tubal ligation and the syndrome that can follow.

What came to mind to me is my own tubal done in 1991 - the second one I had, the first resulting in the birth of my fourth child. . . Anyway, when it was done again in 1991, the doc used Hulka clips.  Spring loaded clips made from gold, which are supposed to be non-allergenic, which I totally disagree with.  Gold is an inert metal, but in order for these clips to have the springlike qualities they have, they have to be made from an alloy, my guess and my science geek hubby's assertion as well.  We both believe that most of my problems began when those danged things were put in me.  This is what I was referring to in another thread as well when I didn't want to use the IUD delivery of hormones because it meant metal.  I'm extremely sensitive to metals.  I cannot wear a watch and cannot tolerate earrings unless they are solid gold.

I was wondering if any of you others who had tubals have clips in you and if so, do you suspect them as a source of some of these problems we're having?  No one here in the Pacific Northwest, docs or women, know what I'm talking about or have heard of these clips.  "Oh, you must be from back East. . ."

Anyway, I'm curious.  Thanks, love, hugs and God bless, Barb
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Very interesting info.  I am not sure what was used with my tubal, but I definitely would like to find out.  Thanks for sharing.
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This whole topic is very interesting.  I had the electro-whatever tubal.  This method is the most common used, but it is also the most likely to cause ectopic pregnancy.  Again, in my opinion, all these things should be disclosed by the doc prior to the procedure being done.  Why does the medical profession treat tubals like a tooth-pulling?
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The only real counsel I was given before my clips were put in was that there was a possibility that I could begin having premenopausal symptoms at a younger age.

Cutting, clipping, crimping, whatever, of the tubes cuts off the main source of blood supply to the ovaries.  I'm wondering why it wasn't considered and studied more indepth as to why this WOULDN'T be a problem before these started being done as routinely as having a wisdom tooth extracted.

The decision was made when I had this done that I would have it done rather than my now ex-husband because I had met my deductible for the year because of having the baby.  A baby I shouldn't have been able to have because I already had my tubes tied the year before. . .

Nothing has been right since those things were put in me.

Love, hugs and God bless, Barb
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I had a tubal ligation after my fourth child was born. The word 'ligation' indicated to me a severance of the tubes; that was in 1975. Then, I had a tubo-plasty in Rochester in 1979 (result of a divorce and  re-marriage...he had no children of his own). I was one of the first to be successful....result is three sons.
I don't think I had any problems like those being discussed, however, it does make me wonder about ovc.
After the birth of my youngest, it was time for something to be done. I held his hand during his vasectomy, and, watched closely to be certain dr was thouough.
Personally, I believe a vasectomy is the way to go; we give enough with childbirth,etc......DH can contribute to the relationship without the possibility of so many things going wrong. It's easy; just a snip...snip..and it's over!  A couple of tiny stitches, an ice bag and we were on out way home......that's when the whinning begins.
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I had Hulka Clips placed on my  fallopian tubes in 1986 -- no explanation given other than "a temporary birth control method."  When I expressed a desire to have them removed in 1988, I was told, "Oh, no, that would involve major abdominal surgery!"

Have I had problems over the years?  You bet!!!!  Scar tissue has led to numerous bowel difficulties, as well as menstrual difficulties. All the doctors I saw said nothing was wrong with me.

I had horrendous periods with clotting and terrible cramps.  I had a uterine ablation in 2001, then a partial hysterectomy in the spring of 2003.  In the fall of 2004, I had 17 inches of my colon removed, along with my left ovary and my appendix.

No one can convince me that the Hulka Clips did not have a role in my problems.  I still have problems.....  I know those clips, which are still inside me, have caused my health problems.  Doctors, however, have dismissed my claims/fears.

Best wishes to you.

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I am so opposed to tubals!!
I lost one ovary in my teens due to a cyst.
I was talked into a tubal after my third baby.
I should have thought that it might be a bad idea with my history of ovarian cysts and scarring but ...duh... head in the sand.  
I never felt quite right after.  More cramping, abnormal periods, lower abdominal pain and... yep... more (and complex) cysts on the remaining ovary.  Also developed a strangely enlarged uterus (which I have since read CAN be caused by tubals).  Ended up with a total hysterectomy.  They told me they clipped both tubes when I had the tubal, and when I had the hyster.... they could only find one clip.  Ick.  
I hate the things.  I think the less junk we stick in our poor bodies, the better off we are.   I also think breast implants are a bad idea, for the same reasons... the exposure to plastics, resins, metals, God knows what.  
I swear doctors would never subject themselves to this stupid experimentation!!!!
I also have read that there IS a statistical correlation between women having tubals and higher rates of eventual hysterectomy.... but they never tell you that one.
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I had a tubial ligation in March of 2004 and ever since then I've been sick.  I too have a bad reaction to fake jewelry and I'm very concerned about my health.  Having that procedure done as taken away from my life and the woman I use to be.  My cycle has become difficult for me and I have a lot of pain after sex. I thought after having my third son, having a tubial was the best thing for me, but I think that was the biggest mistake I've ever made.

Confused and Concerned,
Detroit, Michigan
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I had a tubal just 2 weeks ago while in the or delivering baby #3.  Since then my vaginal bleeding hasn't stopped like it did with the other 2 babies, there is clots, and i have horrible night sweats all night every night.  Its horrible...I wish now I didn't get it done...

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Hi Barb.
What a coincidence.
I had Hulka clips put in 1988 by a Gynospecialist and 3 months later I got pregnant.
He told me that this can happen to 1 in 10.000 women..I guess one of them was not so springy and did not squize my tube properly.  I had another tubal done where they cut the tubs and this was OK. Regarding other symptoms you are having I can't really speculate because I did not have them for long time. The only thing I can say that you will not be able  to get MRI scan if you need one because of the metal inside you.,
Best of luck. Sunes.
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I forgot to add that they also call them Filshie clips. Cheers.
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This original post is over 2 yeas old. Barb has not posted since April 08 on her profile.
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I had a tubal following my cyst removal at Hopkins. I had bands done. Have not had one ounce of problems so far. It's been 2 years.
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can anyone tell me the difference between getting your tubes burned and clipped.  Is it all the same procedure?
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