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Tubo-ovarian Abscess?

I'm doing some more research about my cyst and I was wondering if you guys could direct me to any good sites or have any first hand knowledge of this problem?

When I first came here I posted two questions to Dr. AnneKathryn Goodman in the Dr. Forums and this is what she said:

"However, with an IUD in place and a history of pain, there is a small chance you could have an infection in the fallopian tube. it is reasonable to get a repeat ultrasound in a month. You should also ask your doctor about cultures to check for infection."

Then I asked her about the Mirena causing cysts in a 2nd question and again she said:

"I think I am more fixated on the IUD causing an infection (which I know is rare with the Mirena) than that the hormones in the Mirena (progesterone) causing cysts. I think the second possibility is unlikely"

When I went to my OB/GYN again today he mentioned the same thing about a possible infection. He did a pelvic and rectal exam (fun stuff!) and said he doesn't think I have an ovarian abcess because I would have been in extreme pain when he did the rectal exam. Still I went home and decided to do some research. I found this off a Harvard medical site:

The typical ultrasonographic appearance of a tubo-ovarian abscess is a multilocular, cystic, complex adnexal mass often with debris and thick septations.

Now here is my thing. I only became severely ill a few days after the Mirena was put in me. It felt like I had a bad case of the flu and about 3 days later I felt fine. I don't have a fever and other than my nerves being frazzled I only have a general discomfort on my left side.

Is it possible to have this abscess and not have any symptoms like a fever or the Flu?

Could that infection have started when I was really sick those days and my body just learned to cope with it?

My doc didn't really say anything about it other than he doesn't THINK I have an abscess not that he KNOWS.

I'm about to get a knife and an ice cream scoop and take of this myself! LOL.
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I forgot to mention I had the Mirena put in on May 9th 2007 and I had it taken out today.
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