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Tumor Markers

For the past year I have had extensive testing to ensure I do not have ovarian cancer due to symptoms. As of this date oncologist suggest I have a transvaginal ultrasound every six months along with a CA125 since my symptoms persist and my CA125 level has ranged in the past year from 73 - 53. My recent test results on 3-11-04 indicated my CA125 at 128. I am confused. I have a 1.3 meningioma located near the optic nerve which does not show any signs of growth at this time however my headache pattern has changed over this past week. I have seen the neurologist and he has scheduled an EEG which indicated brain activity. I also had genetic testing (brac) since breast, prostate, pancreas cancer runs in the family on both sides. My test results came back stating I had a variable gene which the doctors are not sure what that is and the letter from the lab states I should be under close supervision. I am told that due to the elevated CA125, family history and symptoms that it may be advised to have a total hysterectomy? Do you agree or see the logistics in this? I apologize for being so lengthy.
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