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  Hi all,
    I thought I had better get an update posted. I don't want you to think that I have given up. It is just the opposite. I have been very busy the last several days trying to find a hotel for us, looking for other groups that might take interest in us, checking out the Springfield media, you name it.
   After a lot of thought, I think that it would be good if we go with the weekend of Aug 8. That should keep us ahead of any possible conflicts with school starting.
  I have been in contact with several travel planning sites and have them working on finding us a nice hotel that will be affordable to eveyone. I told them to keep it under $100.00 per night. I am just now starting to recieve answers and so far things are looking good. I went to a website that described the hotels in Springfield and checked them all out so I would have some idea of what I was looking at. I want everyone who wants to come to be able to. So I will say this, if money is a problem, just let me know and we will see what we can work out. Most hotel rooms will accomedate 2 people so I am sure that we can figure out something.

This also popped in my head last night so I thought I would toss it out and see what you think. As a lot of you know, we have been trying to come up with a way to get media attention. What better opportunity could we have? I checked out the Springfield media and have numbers to the newspapers, TV stations, and several radio stations out of Springfield. I think that this could be a first step in our being able to spread the word. But think about it, the more of us that there is, the better chance we will have of drawing attention. And if we think about something like that, I have found out that there is a branch of the American Cancer Society in Springfield, and I have gotten contact numbers for them also. I have also thought about contacting the 2 hospitals there to see if they could offer any help from their public relations department. My gyn/onc was out of St Johns and I had my surgery at Memorial Medical Center.

  I have also contacted the Illinois Convention and Visitors Center and am waiting for then to send me a package.

So you see,  I have not been sitting idle, and I think that I have the beginings of moniter blindness.

I know that many of us had a rough winter and are still not feeling well. But spring is almost here and I am hoping that once we can get winter gone for good, that we will all start feeling better. It is so much easier to get excited about something when you feel good.
I have to say that the more I work on this, the more excited that I get. I get on the internet looking for something and just end up buried in it. I finally had to go out a get a new notebook, esp for this trip. Then I had to go through my old one and through all of the scribbles and notes and get it organized so I could find what I was looking for.

Ok I will let you know what is going on, but I also need to hear from all of you.

  See you soon!
   Love Chris
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I am in awe of you, you are an amazing woman. In Maori you would be 'Wahine Toa' (this means all the strength and grace that women possess, warrior woman!)
Good luck for your planning of this important event.  I am far away but I think this is such wonderful idea.  Is there somewhere that we can make a donation for the costs of accommodation or whatever?  
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You have really been busy.  August 8th sounds fine to me.  I hope we have a big group. Marie
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Hi, Chris,

You have been one busy lady!!!! If you can give me addresses for any of the media places, I would be happy to send out letters. Sometimes, when poeple, actually, hold a piece of paper (hand-written; not typed) in their hands they realize how important a special group of ladies is!!!!!!!! Of course, if you'd rather, I would be happy to call, also.

Chris, you are doing an amazing job. I, only, wish I lived closer to you, so I could do some "hands on" work with you. Please, don't over-do. Don't push yourself too much. I will talk to you very soon. Thank-you for all you have done, already!!!!

Grateful Hugs,
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Ok all, I have hotel offers rolling in. They will hold because they are making specail offers for us. I would like to start getting an idea of how many to expect. I gave a rough estimate just so they could have an idea on what they were looking at. I just want to make sure that enough of you are taking all of this seriously and are planning on coming. I have hd a few offers from individuals that want to help financially if someone needs it.
Sorry I haven't been on the forum much the last several days, but my computer is still getting a work out. Besides I would like to hear from all of you, any ideas you have that would help make this a success.
  Love Chris
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I am really looking forward to meeting everyone. I know we will have a really good time. If we can throw a great cyber-party, imagine how much fun we'll have in person!!!!  In the process we may even bring some awareness to the cause. Marie
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I will say  I will be there, given that all things remain ok , there would be at least 2 of us. I think this is a great idea  and will a great week end.  marty
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I will be there, too if everything remains o.k.  I live only two hours away so it's really doable!  Great idea!  Something to look forward to.  Terri
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I will be there too, all things considered.  If there is something I can do to help online (that's the only activity I am engaging in for now), please let me know.  Although I can barely post a picture of my kids on here, lol, I am a fairly savvy researcher.

God Bless you for taking this on--I would be up to be a part of a committee to help with something.  An outline, like when we were kids in school, is a good way to remember what needs doing and to delegate certain tasks of responsibility. (just a suggestion).

I am still taking it really easy today, haven't done a dish or picked up any trash.  But it's 70 in Chicago today, and I'm hoping my hubby will set up a nice comfy chair for me outside.  It's very windy, the the sun is so welcome!  You're right about spring!
It makes everyone feel a bit better!

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Just trying to keep this bumped up for everyone.

Still checking into hotels, and when I narrow it down I will let you know and then we can make a decision.

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What is your best guess at how many might come? I am really looking forward to it. I am also going to a cancer retreat at Wild Life Prairie Park this June. I just found out about it today. It is for all cancers, not just ovca. They have massage therapy, speakers and of course lunch!  Marie
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