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Ultrasound Following Increase in CA-125 Levels

I posted here recently because I had two CA-125 tests come back elevated in 6 months.  The first was 54 and the last one was 66.  I do not have a history of ovarian cancer, but my mom had breast cancer at age 68.  So, my doc. thought it would be wise to run the test on me.  I do not have any "symptoms" or pain/discomfort anywhere.  

Because of the increasing levels, my OB/GYN recommended me to have an ultrasound.  I had a regular one, as well as transvaginal.  What if the results come back normal?  My doc. mentioned undergoing an MRI or another ultrasound, but I don't want to unless it's completely necessary.  Should the ultrasounds be able to detect a problem, if there is one?

I am very curious what led each of you to the diagnosis of ovarian cancer?  Did you have any symptoms?  How was the diagnosis reached?

Thanks so much!
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Trans-vaginal ultra-sound did not show my cancer until it was very advanced.  I had them regularly for years thinking they were going to prevent me from a late stage diagnosis like my mom. I had all of the symptoms, my cancer just did not show up on the ultra-sounds or with the CA125s.  I was diagnosed by the ultrasound only after my belly swelled up and I had a tumor the size of a soccer ball in me along with numerous other tumors. Surgery confirmed stage 3b ovca. Your case is much different than mine, though.  You have no symptoms and no family history.  If your doc is willing to do the test I would let him.  My docs were not willing to investigate my symptoms and I suffered from that.  Good luck to you.   Marie
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I recently have been diagnoised with ovca.  I went to my doctor due to having a pain in my abdomen that shot down to my foot.  I had battled symptons that were diagnoised as IBS and urgency in urinating in the past.  I finally had a vaginal ultrasound where a tumor was discovered.  I had the tumor removed June 2, 2008 and found out 15 days later that it is cancerous.  I have no family history of cancer.  I am only 34 years old.  I will have a hysterectomy mid july followed with chemotherapy.  I don't know much about ovarian cancer but I am learning.  God bless you all....
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An ultrasound did not show my cyst that I have not.   I have had tvus off and on for 2 years now.  My cyst was only discovered after a CT-scan was done to rule out an apendicitis (which confused me since the cyst is on the left side..shurgs..).  If your doctor is wanting to do more testing, I think you really need to follow his advice.  Please keep us posted.

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Usually they do a ct scan instead of repeating a tvus in a short time frame. I was unusual, ct nor tvus showed anything except inflammation. I was found stage 3c by laproscopy. Ca125 can pick up inflammation from other things also. Sometimes there is a connection with ovarian and breast cancer, but without the testing no way to be sure if genetic or not. I would be aware of symptions like bladdrer urgency, abdominal swelling, weight gain around waist, or bowel changes, any pain.  These are symptoms of ovca, but also very common for women in general.
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I had the TVU abdominal ultra sound, CT scan only showed an inflammatory areas... had exploratory surgery and voila stage IV... Now after 2 surgeries and chemo the only reliable for me is the TVU it now shows every little thing... every women is different.. Mzjazz is correct usually they do a CT scan instead of repeating... It sounds like your doctor takes you seriously and thats a bonus... hope all is well...
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