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I had an ultrasound today because of spotting between periods and other symptoms. Hopefully will have results tomorrow. Wanted to ask anyone that has been there. The ultrasound tech wouldn't give me any information but I know she was measuring some dark spots on my cervix, wondering what that could be.  The only comment she made was that she got a lot of good pictures and to get with my Dr. for results.
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My spotting between periods was the result of perimenopausal hormonal disruptions.  However, such disruptions can also be caused by ovarian cysts.  And, conditions such as fibroids and uterine polyps can cause spotting, and these will show up on an ultrasound as well.

What are your other symptoms?  Do  you have regular Paps?  If so, then it is more likely that a cervical condition would be caught by the exam/Pap than by an ultrasound.
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Welcome!  It is good that you are getting the medical attention you need.  Even though 99% of ovarian cysts are benign, you should never ignore your symptoms.  Let us know what the results are.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Godspeed
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I've had that ultrasound. It's hard to know what you are seeing. The tech and the doctors know though. They do show cysts and fibroids. The nature of the cyst, size and same for fibroids will show up well in this test.

My tech told me exactly what she saw, but then urged me to meet with my doctor.

The types of cysts can be classified as "functional" which almost always means no worries. And "complex" which means they see both clear and solid areas that may be more of a concern. But almost always these are benign and must be watched. Then there are large cysts that they would want to get more information on because of the risk of something called "torsion" where your cyst can twist.

It's a good thing to know.

I think it's so cool that they can do this and look. Mine was classified as "complex" but it was 5 cm. And the doctor thought it seemed more fluid than solid and I go back for another ultrasound on the 22nd. It's followed by an immediate appointment with the doctor. If the cyst is the same, or larger, then we'll have to discuss next steps.

Happy to report that my weird bleeding symptoms have ended for now. Feeling pretty good but some small twinges of pain where the cyst likely is, but it's less frequent. I also have a small fibroid (1 cm). My period this last time was short but a little heavier than my normal. Sure beats the 22 day one I had in April.
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I have been goign through this for the last three months.
First thought it was he pill, which I had started three months ago

Then had positivepregnancy test, and there is often spotting in early stages of pregnancy due to implantation and stretchin gof uterus.

I have had other symptoms too...
-severe to mild pain in lower left side of abdomen
-Swollen Lymph Node on lower left side of Abdomen
-Intermittant cramping which can be attributed to stretching of the uterus, ectopic, pending onset of period (which I havenot gotten), cysts or OC.
-Vommitting attributed to pregnancy, possibly the pill (not likely especially since I am not on it now)Trophoblastic Disease, which may be a possibility for me

I have an array of symptoms, all are gynecological in nature and all can be attributed to a few different things.
The only thing Iknow for sure is that I have postivie pregnancy test, ultrasound and evidence of a ruptured cysts.

I am not sure if my recent symptoms have given you any idea, but spotting can be of many factors and many doctors treat it too casually...as I know from my own experience.

I have had the spotting, pain and swollen Lymph node and Dr kept saying all are normal if I have cysts and could occur when starting the pill (wait it out for three months for your body to adjust to the pill I was told). Yet nothing was improving nor was anything being done to conclude it was a cyst or something else.  Not until I ended up in the ER has anything been taken seriously-imagine being faced with an emergency before someone realizes soemthing is not normal.

As far as the possibility of cysts vs an ovarian ectopis (which is what they thought I had) I am told it can be difficult to distinguish between the two and unfortunately it takes a bad turn that brings some recognition of the problem.

For weeks now I have been confused, drove myself crazy along with other people, but it is my body, my health and my life and I will not let it go just because a doctor doesn't seem

No one knows our bodies,like we do and when we think something is not right, it needs to be taken seriously and not as if we are being hysterical, worrisome or dramatic.

I push doctors when I don't get straight forward answers or enough to satisfy my concerns. It is because I am this way, that the proper things are now being done and by the proper people.

I dont know if my current experience has been of any value, but I sugggest if you don't feel right and your body seems off and no one is listening...push, push, push until they do.
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Yea I got a ultrasound because I was skipping periods and im 14 years old.I never had a period for over 6 months and when I got the ultrasound done they found a cysts on my left ovarie and im kinda nervous about that.I don't think its cancerous but im not sure.I had a lot of pain all the time and even had problems useing the washroom.I don't know whats gonna happen but i just hope ill be ok.
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