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Unilocular Ovarian Cyst Enlarging
I have had a unilocular ovarian cyst of the left ovary that was first detected in 2002. It's size at that time was 4x2.6x2.8cm.   I have been doing watchful waiting under the care of my gyn who decided that because I was so close to menopause she expected it would shrink once my estrogen levels started declining at that time. Several US's have been done to watch it and It has always been in the 4cm.range. In Dec.05 it had decreased slightly to 3.6cm. overall. In 2006 I had a few episodes where it started causing me discomfort and she was going to remove it then, but at the last minute she decided I should wait a little longer. I went for a second opinion at a local clinic where that gyn said he would only remove it if it were suspicious for cancer and that they would do a complete hysterectomy and nothing else. As  I am disabled from a failed spinal surgery I cannot get around that easily to go for multiple consults, and I am also on a fixed income and have horrible heath coverage.
I did go into menopause in the summer of 2006 and was scheduled for a repeat sonogram to see what was going on with the size, but I got sick with another illness and had to put it off. In a visit to my internist in March 2007, I had my pap done and had her examine me and said she did not feel any cyst present anymore, but I asked her for a follow-up referral for the US to make sure. The day before the test was to be done I fell while walking my dog and broke 3 bones in my left leg and became incapacitated and housebound.  It has taken a year to recover to the point where I can actually walk again, and will take another 6 months for it to completely heal.  Six weeks ago I started having some dull aching pain again and went for the transvaginal ultrasound. I went back to the internist to find out the results and she said the cyst was not gone, but had enlarged to 5.2x4.8x3.5 I was shocked, but I scheduled an appointment with my regular gyn immediately and now I am in the process of going for other testing before surgical intervention.
I have had a CA125 and will go for a Cat tomorrow. It is still being interpreted radiologically as a unilocular simple cyst but due to the increase in size I am now being told that is abnormal.
I found a clinic at a teaching hospital with very good credential that will take my coverage, and I went there yesterday. That surgeon now wants me to have a colonoscopy and also a mammogram as a part of the pre-op testing as she said that cancers of the breast and colon can also cause ovarian cancers. I almost had a heart attack, as she feels it is abnormal for it to be growing because I am now menopausal.
I will be having surgery sometime in late May, early June once all the testing comes back and I get the results. My decision is whether I should have it done by my regular gyn who first found it, or go with the teaching hospital where it would be done by the attending gyn surgeon who does surgeries for clinic patients. I am also wondering if this amount of pre-op testing is routine. The doctor I saw yesterday said that they don't want to go in and find any surprises, but I am now scared that they already think it is ovarian cancer. I have such extreme chronic pain from my failed spinal surgery for so many years, also knee problems that can't be fixed as I can't rehab them due to the back, and now the pain from the broken leg, that I really can't handle that much more. If anyone has any similar experiences with this type of cyst I could  really use some advice. I also don't know if I could have a laparoscopy with the weird positioning due to my spine, hip, knees and ankle ortho issues. Would I be better off with a laporotomy.
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My suggestion to you....is that you seek the opinion of a GYN/Oncologist....NO I do not think that you have cancer, I do not know and the only way to know for certain is to have a biopsy done.  GYN/Oncologists are the experts, they have an additional 3 years training in gynocological issues.  If you cannot see a GYN/ONC then please ask that they have one on call during your surgery, just in case they need it.  Remember that most Ovarian Cysts are benign....but, you want the best chances no matter what it is.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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