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Update Deandra (Brownie)

Just read an update from Deandra, she wrote that she is working with Hospice and despite being jaundiced and having a very distended stomach she still has an appetite . She wrote a long account of whats been happening and it brought tears to my eyes because she is so upbeat and courageous!.
Please lets continue to pray for this very brave and beautiful woman.

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Thank you for posting the update. I saw the update on FB and was heartbroken. So young and she still has so much spunk. It just isn't fair.

I sent her  a little note and asked if we could post her update here for all the MH ladies. Haven't heard back of course. I'm sure she has a lot on her mind right now.

Praying for pain-free days and peace of heart.

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I have been praying for you and your miracle......Sending love and prayers to you and your family...........Love, Dawnlyn
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You are truly a courageous and beautiful person, I am sending you and Luke positive thoughts and every good wish.


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Sending lots of prayers and love to Deandra.  I also got the message and I was so saddened by what I read.  She is such a fighter and is looked up to by many.  Keep up your fight girl!!  We love you!
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I read the same update and am amazed at her courage!  Proof that God has His own plan we don't always know about!  I can only hope if that time comes for me, that I will have the same fighting spirit.  Still praying for her miracle.

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I join all the others in sending prayers for that miracle.  May your days be filled with love and free of all pain.  Marie
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I wish I had even an ounce of the courage Deandra has...
Becky xx

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Oh Becky - after what you just went through? You're stronger than you realize.
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A true inspiration. My prayer goes out your her and her families.

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I am praying for you.  Surround yourself with all love and positivity.  I pray for loved ones also.  Peace to you Brownie, so many times have you given that to me.

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Unbelievable that she is still able to post and sound so hopeful.  I am praying for a miracle.
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We have to believe that miracles do happen,  My thoughts and prayers go out to her
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Praying for your miracle.......

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I came on here after months and months away to check on Deandra. I'm praying and holding out hope.

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My heart is so heavy with the news about Deandra and Becky, these gals are so young to be facing all the twists and turns that OVCA hands out,  they were both here for me, starting 4 years ago, always a good encouraging word, glad to hear that Becky has weathered another storm, OH how I wish  I could do something for each of them,  but I just want them to know that I pray for them daily and  think about them alot, they are the ones that make me come back here all the time, so many others  I can only remember  and thank God that I had the priviledge of knowing them  via the forum,  take care ladies and keep encouraging all those that post here.   I had an idea the other day, why don't we hold a memory night soon and tell the good things we remember about those that are gone,  I am sure our "angels"  would like some fun and laughs , we all know the good times that were told. along the way.   I am off to AZ tomorrow to see those 5 grand daughters, will be gone 3 weeks, if I don't melt,  taking Chris with me this time, he wants to swim in his brothers pool.  see you all when I get back.  Love to all, marty
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