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Update: Had the surgery

  Update: Just had a supracervical hysterectomy and BSO november 12th. Decided to go ahead with being proactive. I am not sure I would have just based on my likelihood of developing Ovarian CA but also bc of hx of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, heavy periods, mid cycle pain, etc.

  I am feeling guilty that now my girls are kind of in limbo when they get older as to what their risks will be. I just did not want them to go through losing a mom at a young age as I did....obviously that can still happen some other way.

  But seem to be healing well and will soon start premarin at lowest dose or lower dose. Thanks!

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Hope you are feeling well and getting better everyday.

I was recently at a conference and met someone who had both a total hysterectomy and double mastectomy.  

Hang in there!!!!  
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