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Update on Becky

Got this note on FaceBook and was asked to pass it along. Please pray for her. This bowel thing isn't letting go.

Hi Irene,
I'm pretty sure I remember seeing you on Becky's Medhelp??
I don't have any of her passwords or I'd write on there but, she is in the hospital with a bowel obstruction...went in Thursday night and as of today, Monday - still not much relief at all. She is in a lot of pain. Not eating or drinking. I just know she'd want all you ladies updated so, maybe if you could mention something? Keep her in prayers. i know you are all really special to her.

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Praying for your pain to be controlled and for your release from the hospital.
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You can get through this...you are so STRONG and amazing!!!  Prayers and hugs for you and your family!!

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My dear Becky, know that you are in my thoughts  and I am praying daily for you, Life seems to kick us in the teeth every so often, but with your courage and tenancity you can kick back,  As always,  know that I send my love to you , Adam and TY,  Marty
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Sweet Becky....mother of Ty.....you have fought so hard for so long....you and Ty are quite the team and now you have Adam to stand with you.  You have set such a strong and loving example for Ty to follow.  You are quite the mom !
I know you know you are surrounded and lifted by love from so many of us out here..you are not alone....not ever.  Besides Ty and Adam and your parents and extended family you are constantly on someone's mind and in our hearts.  We love you Becky.....I have since I got to know you in 2005........your little boy has grown up so much !  You have been a real gift to me ......thank you for sharing yourself with us..you will always be in my heart.
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Thank you so much for the heads up.....I just wrote what I feel sincerely....but I need to admit I am heart broken and in tears for Becky and Ty and Adam and her family.....she owns a chunk of my heart and I wish desperately I could do something.  If you are able, Ashley, please give her my love for her and Ty......she is one of the most remarkable people in my life.
Peace be with you, Becky, and Ashley.
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what an inspiration to all of us. we all love you so much.

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