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Update on Maintenance Therapy

I don't post often, but I follow daily everyone's continuous heroic battle with this disease.  I wanted to share some encouraging news about Maintenance Therapy that I have been fortunate enough to benefit from. I recurred 5/06 just days short of  entering a 5 year remission (Stage 1C) After surgery and another 6 rounds of carbo/taxol, my onc. put me on Taxol only each month for a year. I take my 10th treatment this Tuesday, and just today had my 4th CT scan.My surgeon called me tonight to tell me that I was totally clean!  I literally cried with happiness!  I have struggled with magnesium levels that don't even make the charts, leg aches and pains that keep me up most of the time, and the anxiety we all share; but it is all worth it..I don't know what life will be like off of mainteance and I know there are no guarantees, but I feel that I am being given a second chance. If there is the slightest chance that you would be offered this, please consider it.  We never know until we try......I continue to pray for all of you.  God Bless!  Judie
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Such wonderful news , couldn't come at a better time to a better person.   We need to shout this from the mountain.  thanks for sharing and the hope you give to so many.
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Great news Judie... and I wish you all the best for many years of continued good health. If you are drinking lady... :-)... have one for me. Enjoy each and everyday....hugs...Helen...
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WOW!  What wonderful news....I am so happy for you, kiddo....your second chance has been well earned....thanks for sharing the great news.....we need every ounce of hope we can get.
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Thank you so much for sharing in my enthusiasm. My husband surprised me and took me away overnight to a beautiful beach in Rhode Island to celebrate. Both of us love the ocean.  I broke all the rules.....LOL.....Helen, I'm not supposed to drink, but filled the cooler with some wine coolers, downed a couple and even sat in the sun.  I'll probably glow in the dark when I go for my treatment Tuesday, but I figured if I obey ALL the rules, then I'll miss out on half the fun. Dian, as a fellow comrade in the 1C category, I wish you continued good health and hope you NEVER have to look back at this;only ahead. Marty, I have no words of wisdom or any insight on what to do for Leslee's reaction to the Doxil, but I see so many others with that knowledge are helping you with advice. I learned once that we are only as strong as the people around us.  I thank God every night that I found this forum where I continue to receive, strength, hope, encouragement and friendship amongst the "sisters" and "brothers" who travel this road.  I will keep you posted as I plug along.  I'm off to do battle on Tuesday.  I'll kick some serious butt on behalf of everyone here.  God Bless.  Judie :)
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