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I have completed 6 rounds of Carbo/Taxol chemo in a clinical trial involving the possibility of also getting Avastin.  My CA 125 was over 2900 before debulking surgery and as of today 11/26/08 it is 31 which officially puts me in remission according to my oncologist, barely but I'll take it.  To all those who have given me support and encouragement, I offer you my heartfelt gratitude.  I know it ain't over but at least I get a much needed break!  
I will continue in the protocal for now which involves 15 more rounds of either placebo/Avastin as a maintenance drug.  Hoping to be part of a new gold standard for newly diagnosed women if this treatment proves effective.
Happy Thanksgiving!  This one will be different from all prior ones for me for sure.
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Im so happy for you Sharon, its great news ! .

Best wishes Angie
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I've been wondering what news you got about your CA125.  This is wonderful news! Here's hoping the Avastin will be yours now.
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Fantastic!  You and I will be getting together and sharing a bottle of wine real soon to celebrate!
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congratulations  and happy turkey day
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What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift !! Have a wonderful holiday !!
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Yippeeeeee ... Woo Hoooooo .... Wonderful.  Congratulations.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving .... Judy
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Congrats on your latest news.  I hope you do well on this treatment.(((hugz))~~Joanne
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WTG  That is something to be thankful for!   Good luch.   Susan
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Sharon!  I'm so happy to hear this.  Whew!  Happy Thanksgiving.

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   I share your joy along with everyone else. What great news to be recieving and just in time for the holidays! I wish you a long and happy remisssion!
  Love Chris
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That is great news!  Hang in there and continue to watch that number go down!  
God Bless,
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This is such great news Sharon,  you are a fighter and a wonderful gal.  Keep up the good luck,  just want you to know, I am so very proud of you.  Marty
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Woot Woot!!!!!!!! Great news Sharon. Hope you had a wonderful turkey day. With love, D
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You grab that remission and hold on to it!  I am so very excited for you.  Enjoy you break and may it last years and years.  Take good care of yourself and hug yourself everyday - you deserve it for all your hard work!
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Hey there kid!  Wonderful!  I am so happy for you.....at the end of the storm, indeed, is a golden sky!   I am so happy for you.  Happy Holidays, sweetie!
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Congratulations Sharon!  
  It's so Wonderful to hear your CA-125 is in the "normal range"...may it stay there for ALONG TIME!!
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This is really good news.  I am so glad you got good results.  I know the chemo was no picnic.  Enjoy the post-chemo life to the fullest.  Love, Marie
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