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Vitamins/Supplements and Ovarian Cancer.

Hello All. I just want to ask you girls (and boys) what your opinions are regarding the taking of Vitamins/Supplements? As I've stated on the Forum I don't take any'extras' at all.... just eat fresh and healthy, but when I saw my Oncol. earlier this week, I asked his opinion re this... and if there were perhaps benefits that maybe I was missing out on. I particularly mentioned IV Vitamin C.. He has been specialising in Cancer for over 30 years, so I thought it would be interesting to hear his thoughts on this. He said that there was no evidence that the taking of 'extras' has any  merit when it comes to cancer. He recommended that I continue to have a good 'across the board' diet...lots of 'greens' and natural foods, but not to 'waste my money on things that don't really work'. When I asked him re the Vitamin C IV he just told me to put that in the 'Book of Quackery'. I know that Doctors are quite often anti Vitamins etc. so I'm interested in hearing what you folks think, and if you have had personal success. I guess they may help keep a person in good shape during the treatments, but I'm more thinking about going towards actually helping to cure the cancer.
Your comments are appreciated... and thanks.
Hoping everyone is doing fine, and staying well....Helmar..
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From my personal experience going thro chemo with lots of vitamins, I feel and my results have been really good (i have stage 4).  I believe that because of all the chemicals used in growing produce and the constant use of same soil today, we are not getting as much vitamins and nutrients as we should be getting.  There really is no way, especially with today's lifestyle, to eat enough to get a  good 'across the board' diet..The way I look at it is that I am making sure that I am getting enough by taking my vitamins and supplements. I am convinced that this has and will continue to help me beat this cancer and worth every penny.  A friend of mine fought her breast cancer by taking 10,000mg of vitamin C with her chemo 6 years ago and she has been in remission since. She has been pushing me to increase my dosage.  As for the vitamin C IV, I am using Maniac's friend's situation as a case to follow.  She is doing only vitamin c iv with no chemo and last result her CA 125 dropped. That reminds me, it's been a while since we got update from her regarding her friend's progress.  This is my opinion and my regiment and I believe in it.  Hope you are doing fine too..
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I take a multivitamin and my calcium supplement.  Like you I am eating healther with lots of broccoli, and green tea.  I also keep my weight in a normal range, since I read thinner does better, however it didn't get me a long turn remission, oh well maybe after the next course of drugs.
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think it will be interesting to see how my daughter fares with the clinic trial, she tood Vit C , green, sage and ginger tea, lots of fresh fruits and veggies during the first line of chemo, she went back to work and has felt entergetic, however she did recur, and for this trial they took all vits and suppliments away.
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Oh I forgot to add (lol after that long post), he is right about the diet somewhat.  Greens are always good...the problem is a lot of people eat meat and dairy products...these are some of the worst things you can have...there is just too many hormones used in livestock production, stay away from them (what animal rights activists have been saying for years is now being proven true in research, esp. about ovarian cancer...milk has been shown to promote cancer and ovarian cancer).

If you *must* eat meat, go the organic route.

Wether it's true or not (I'm not 100%), I've always heard you should stay away from refined sugar.  Supposedly tumors thirve on sugar (I'm assuming glucose)

Ovarian Cancer Research Website (In BETA Testing)
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Wow, that website looks great! I wanted to ask you a question. On the soy isoflavones -- I know fermented is good and I consume Miso with seaweed. I like to eat edame soy that I shell. But in supplement form when you buy soy isoflavones do they say "fermented" or are they all fermented. Or does it matter?
Thanks for your hard work on your website. Also I have seen in medical stuff now that blue green algae is being used to kill. I use Dr. Shultz SuperFood.

Also what is the difference between DIM and Indole-3-Carbinol?

I am hoping that I go into a few months remission because I am going to try the Breuss Cancer Cure. It's basically a starvation diet but with nutrients that keep you going. I have to read the whole book. My sister gave it to me. I will do it about a month after I get my blood back in order. I have gained weight so losing about 10 pounds will be good also. This is radical but I will feel better that at least I have tried something for myself. As far as supplements go "not too much" is the way I feel because you don't want to tax you liver. Definitely go with the Indole-3-Carbinol/DIM. Eat those brocoli sprouts, try and limit flour and sugar anything (but that pie is so good!) eat red raw cabbage every day, swiss chard, spinach, dandelion greens, kale. Small amounts of meat. I take a T of Carlson cod liver oil every day or fish oil. Get at least 1,000 of Vitamin D3. Grape seed extract, resveratrol. And plenty of exercise. Always move--if I had to do it all over I would have had a "moving job" not a sedentary office job where I was doing graphics on a computer all day.

Then there was recently a study with an herb "triphala" at University of Pittsburgh. There's some stuff in there that I have taken. I want to look into that. It's under my comment on the zeolite question.

A lot of these chemos come from old remedies. Such as taxol and topotecan (the happy tree in China I believe).

I wish we all could find our magic cure. My thoughts are to make it grow slower.
There's also the raw diet. Consuming as much raw as you can is good. (helps make you loose weight). I am going to start having salads for breakfast now that warm weather is here. A good raw breakfast is soak 1/4 sunflowers seeds overnight, blend those with an apple an cinnamon. Very good.

Well, time to enjoy the day. Hugs--Helen :)

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Many thanks to everyone who responded, and there is certainly 'food for thought'. I now have some interesting feed-back for my Oncol. to peruse.
I appreciate the time and effort in responding to my query. Thankyou all.
I hope everyone is feeling well, and I wish you all a great weekend. hugs..Helmar...
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Oh jeesh...I hate when doctors dismiss everything because it's natural or beyond what they have learned in school.  Because that's basically what happens.  They have never been taught about it or think it's frankly too good to be true.  In most other countries, this isn't the case...it is here where nutrition gets about 1 hour in med school if you are lucky and 0 hours for anything alternative.

Now, even the government is admitting (after denying years and years ago) that diet DOES have an effect on prevention and treatment of cancer (they used to say it had *nothing* to do with it).  

Just look at all the new 'drugs' coming out...phenoxodil (which is an analog of fermented soy isoflavone) has been shown to make 'platinum sensistive' ovarian cancer cells sensitive again to carboplatnim.  Then DIM (yes the same one that came out in the story earlier tis week) is being made into an analog for ovarian cancer treatment as well because it works so well.

Vitamin C IV, yeah it works but he will never recommend it...he can't.  He doesn't want to even think about risking a malpractice suit.  Because if it isn't FDA approved, he has a heck of a time with his insurance company (and out here we have doctors leaving our state because it is so high they can't even practice).

You are in a situation...honestly you need to be seing a compotent gyn/onc for your conventional treatment, but for everything else, unfortunatley you are on your own...in this country.  very few gyn/onc or onc even know anything about alternative treatments (and frankly don't care to because "if I can't prescribe it, what good does it do me").

Heck, the people who sell Maitake D-Fraction (Maitake Products Inc.) used to say that years ago they used to show a graph with how effective it is and doctors (at their conferences) used to come over and say "wow, what's this" and they used to tell them about the mushroom and such and they'd just "laugh and wink and say oh right mushrooms" and leave.  Now they say many linger for a while longer and ask questions...showing a slight change in American doctors preceptions.

My unofficial recommendation would be:

- Theraphudic dose of Maitake D-Fraction (the pro version by Maitake Products Inc. www.maitake.com ... this is the most potent version out there)
- DIM (many out there as well).
- Fermented Soy Isoflavones (there are many out there and they will have Genistein and Denstein in them...I probablly spelt that wrong but I'm rushing this post)

For DIM and Fermented Soy Isoflavones...you can stick just with the recommended dose.  In all reality you need to take in much more than that, but it's better than nothing.  Increase and keep track and watch what your CA-125 numbers and CT scans return and adjust.

What does it do?

Maitake D-Fraction boosts the immune system effectively via oral administration (no other beta glucan can do this...most are best taken intravenously like they do in Japan...this one can be taken orally).  Helps not only keep your immune system boosted during chemo which is important but also helps attack cancer via the immune system.  Anti-Tumor and anti-metastasis has been shown in studies (ahem, not FDA approved....but Maitake Products INc got Investigational New Drug status from them and jumped straight to PHase 2 due to established safety).

Right ther eyou can stop if you want, Maitake D-Fraction is a safe and effective treatment along with your chemo.  Had my mom take it and she has shown (as of her last ca-125 count) a 400 count drop in one cycle from prior to d-fraction administration, a rise to 700's.  Unscientific yes, but there you go.

For DIM and the Soy Isoflavones.  Yes they do work In Vivo and In Vitro.  For Soy, a case study has been shown where a woman stabalized her agressive ovca (plat resist) with a fermented soy beverage and then had a complete clinical response (CR) months later using carboplatnim.


Ovarian Cancer Research Website (In BETA Testing)
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OK, not all is created equal :)  You always wanted 'fermented' soy products over regular soy products.  For whatever reason fermented soy is the one that has the greatest impact on cancer whereas regular soy has been known to enhance it.  This early in the morning I can't remember why but it was explained before.  Supplements help you get this in a more concentrated form but good on the miso!  Food is a good way to get any nutrients but sometimes you need a boost.  Basically the isoflavones from fermented soy are a phytoestrogen (if i spelled that right) and that's what blocks regular estrogen from latching on to the cells and promoting ovca.  Supposedly.

The *better* way to go is something they are testing where they basically 'infect' the soy young with a bacteria.  This creates a response in the soy to fight it (the bacteria is safe to humans and the soy can always fight it off).  This has been shown to be even more effective, although it is horribly difficult to do in production.  So far it's just been in the labs.  Gotta find that study and nope it'll be almost impossible for us to do at home! :)

Same sorta holds true with DIM.  To your question, I3C is the precursor to DIM.  DIM is created from I3C in your digestive system.  Either one has been proven in vitro to be effective.  However, depending on whom you talk to, DIM is more effective.  And going further in whom you talk to 'bioresponse DIM' is the better one to take because it is absorbed better in the system (so much cross talk on this that DIM isn't absorbed well or I3C isn't absorbed well...I just say stick with bioresponse DIM).  Nautre's Way products with DIM have bioresponse DIM which is a good way to go (I don't like that they add other stuff to it, but we're so stuck on this).
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