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Waiting and wondering

Hello ladies,

I had my laparoscopy on Friday 7/10/09 and had my ovaries and tubes removed after a barage of tests for low back/pelvic pain that radiated down my left femur, bloating, fatigue, bowel problems and just plain feeling horrible. The doctor was expecting to see a lot of scar tissue/adhesions but only found some on the ovaries. I had my uterus & cervix removed 20 years ago. My CA125 was normal ( 9.9) Trans vaginal ultra sound appeared normal. MRI and nuclear bone scan normal. The pain in my low back and pelvis is gone (just the post-op pain now which is nothing compared to what I was experiencing!) I feel sooooo much better already. I am 54 years old and am just waiting and wondering about the biopsy report now on my ovaries.I am certain all the problems I was experiencing was related to my ovaries...I just hope they removed all the "problem" with them and am anxious for the path report.  Just thought I would share. God Bless.
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Glad it is all behind you now, hope the path. is clear as well. Take time to mend, and keep us posted. Good luck
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Thank you for your quick response. I am a little nervous and it is comforting to know that there is a group of women out there to talk to :o)
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The ladies on this site, are wonderful for taking you in, holding you dear, and praying to keep you strong. Don't lose hope, take a deep breath, and face the music when you have to. here for you

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