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Waiting for Christmas and other things

I posted a number of weeks back about having OVCA symptoms.  Since then, The TVU shows really small ovaries and CA-125 is very low.  My doctor is not buying that.  He gave me Librax in an attempt to calm lower abdomen pain.  He has shown a great deal of respect for my perception in this and feels that this could be early stage OVCA.  After I use the Librax for a few weeks, he will do a CAT scan if the symptoms are still present.

Bartholin's gland cancer has now come into the mix.  I had a lump in the right one in August and simply thought it would "come to a head" like a sebaceous cyst.  Had out-pt surgery Thurs on it.  No cyst, no abscess.  The doctor marsupialized it (slit) for relief.  Gland was not full.  She decided to do biopsies on the spot.  Because, cancer can masquerade as a cycst or abscess and neither were present..  So, check your little Bartholin glands when you do you monthly breast exam and report any lump immediately!  Will receive the results of the biopsies on Dec 31.

I am 59 and no one told me about this one!  The risk factors, of course, increase with age.  Has anyone else dealth with this.  Everything lines up for us breasts, ovaries and Bartholin's Glands.  It's like a runway.

Have a Merry Christmas and the beginning of another year.

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I have had several mammograms since ovca, plus one biopsy, not familiar with bartholin glands. will look it up. thanks
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