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Went to my gyno today...

Today was my appointment. She said I was very very tender and swollen in my pelvic area and since ive had all these symptoms for awhile and because of what she sees...she wants me to have a laprascopy done. Well..just lost my insurance so i have to wait now and get it done when i eventually do get insurance. So we will see...she didnt say anything other than that...i dont know what that means...who knows...we will see i guess. thanks for the support!
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just wanted to throw a question out there...Do doctors normally want to do this kinda outpatient procedure just to "see" or is there something that they actually look for. I was kinda just sitting and thinking and reading about what a laprascopy entails...you know, what to expect...and i realized even as an outpatient procedure its pretty detailed and invasive..i mean...pumping your abdominal cavity with gas through your vagina??? Then i got to thinking...why would any doctor say this needs to be done for just giggles..to just see whats inside...i mean personally id rather like to not know what my organs actually look like...lol. It just worries me cuz when she did an internal exam using her fingers she pressed on my pelvis (btw caused me tears..) and right above my pubic hair line she lingered there and rubbed her hand back and forth...well i was gritting my teeth cuz it was so painful...but she wouldnt tell me a single thing....other than my pelvis area is very tender and swollen and she wants to check it out with a laprascopy. Can anyone give me a hint on to whats going on? Anyone else been in this position?
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Why wouldn't you have a CT scan before surgery? Or has that been done already?
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no she never mentioned a CT scan...she just said laprascopy as soon as i get my benefits back after she did that internal exam and pressed on my pelvis...i dont know.
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This is an earlier post to you from me, please read as you definitely need a cat scan or perferably an MRI so the doctor is not going in blind. Yes eventually having a laproscopic procedure may be appropriate or sometimes open surgey may be the best course of treatment> Which treatment option can be determined via the MRI/Cat Scan.
Please go to a large medical center in your area Unniversity of Pennsylvania(U Penn). Or have your family take you into Sloan Kettering in NYC. You need to have somone very experienced give you the correct tests and treatment

>Hi, I am an RN and my wife was recently Dx with granulosa Cell cancer( GCT) Jan 2010.  Based on your symptoms and family history your Dr's should be taking this serious I am not saying this is cancer in any way but it warrants a complete and thorough work up. I would recommend you move agressively on this as I did with my wife. This can be overwhelming and very scary especially for someone so young. I hope you have a good support available.
You should expect your physician to do a series of tests like transvaginal sonograms, Cat scans and MRI's(preferable) along with blood tests like CA125, Inhibin A&B, MIS and CEA. These tests are just used as a guides for the Dr's to help assist in making a diagnoses(Dx).  Unfotunatley, with any suspicious ovarian mass, if this is what it turns out to be surgery will be the only way to make definitive Dx via pathology.
It is NOT recommended to a needle biopsy of any suspicious ovarian mass as it could potentially rupture the capsule and seed the pelvis with cancer cells, if that what it turns out to be.  Please make sure they drew your blood for the following blood tests,Inhibin A&B, CA125 and CEA so at the very least you have baseline blood work.
Based on your sonogram if there is ANY suspician I would immediately find a good GYN/Oncologist surgeon. I would reccomend going to a large tiertiary hopsital where they see large volumes of patients.  This is not to make you worry even more but to make sure that the Dr who treats you has vast experience with diagnosing and treating various types of GYN / Onc issues. If the Dr wants to remove the cyst/mass via laprascopic procedure PLEASE make sure they have much experience with removing these INTACT! All too often I read posts from patients who say their Dr thought it was a cyst and removed it haphazardly causing a rupture and seeding of the pelvis with cancer cells, only to be found on pathology post removal.
Next: From experience I would be asking for an MRI of the abdomen/pelvis which should be read by a Radiologist that specializes in GYN/ONC they can be pretty precise. My wife went to a radiology practice that does all types of MRI's and the Radiologist read her MRI as a fibroid. I then took her to Sloan Kettering in NYC to see a GYN/ONC surgeon Dr Carol Brown who had the MRI repeated by a GYN/ONC Radiologist who called her DX to the tee which was confirmed after surgery.
The best advice you see all over these posts is you have to be your own advocate, be aggresive and stay on top of your phycicians. Also, get copies of ALL your medical records, you are entitled to them. Please re-post to this site with any other questions you may have as this site has some very knowledgeable people on it. I would be intersted in your seeing your sonogram results. I wish you all the best!
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thanks for the support and info. I dont know why exactly she automatically said laprascopy. I thought it was weird cuz its like she is going in just looking around and for a surgery like that i think its kinda weird...but like i said i have no idea what she is about. She wouldnt tell me anything and wouldnt really answer any of my questions. Ive been having all these symptoms since about january so i figured she might have an idea. She wouldnt really acknoweldge anything but as she was pressing down on my stomach all she said was yes...very tender and swollen. And she stopped and concentrentrated on the spot right above my pubic hair line...which just happened to hurt the most of course...she felt that for like 1 minute or so and kept looking up in the air and had me sit up and told me i need a laprascopy...she didnt give me any rhyme or reason...im pretty lost.
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