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What are the symptoms of OC?

I've looked online for symptoms which have include bloating, back pain, lack of appetite, etc. but they can also point to so many other things women go through.

What are the absolute symptoms one should be concerned about?

I'm 39, adopted, no known medical history (although birth mom is still alive). Should I have a blood screening? I only ask because I do have endometriosis so they can mask symptoms but this past week and a half I have excrutiating lower back pain. I'm assuming I am sitting too much and that did something but I'm overly paranoid about OC since it is a silent killer and I have a 2 year old. I am just so afraid of something happening to me for his sake.
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Unfortunately the most common form of OVCA epithelial ovarian cancer the symptoms don't show it's ugly head until late in the disease process. The most common are:  abdominal distention, nausea, anorexia, or loss of appetite due to the presence of ascites(fluid in abdomen) and omental or bowel metastases; dyspnea(sob) is occasionally present due to a pleural effusion. However, studies have found that symptoms occur in many women even at early stages of the disease. For this reason, early identification of symptomatic women has become a goal of the current approach to this disease.

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My mother had Ovarian Cancer and her only symptom was persistent vomiting.  It wasn't until she got dehydrated and in the hospital, that they discovered an ovarian tumor the size of a golf ball and she was diagnosed as Stage 3.  The Doctor noticed that she had a bloated stomach, which my mother dismissed as being old and fat, but it turned out that she had 1 liter of fluid in her belly, which is another symptom of OVC.  Unfortunately by the time they diagnosed her with Stage 3, it was too advanced and five months after she was diagnosed and three rounds of chemo, she passed away.  

You could ask your gyno to do an ultrasound and the CA125 blood test that would show if you have OVC.  I hope you don't!
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