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What to expect from radiation therapy for pre sacral tumour

Hi friends, It is my time to ask a question again. As suspected my ovarian cancer has re-emerged again on my sacral ligament after 8 months. It was shown on CT to be a 3.5cm mass with a 3.5cm cystic component below this. So at times I feel as though I am sitting on a squashed plum. Fortunately this time, the rest of the CT was clear and my medical onocologist has referred me for radiotherapy. I am just wondering if any of you have had radiotherapy alone and what side effects locally you have had. I am planning to go to Europe on 20th June and wondering how sore my nether region is going to be. I am wondering if they can radiate from the back or side to avoid burning the small bowel. As usual I will be using my natural therapies to help. I have to practice what I preach.
Any tips on what I could ask for to help the situation. Sue.
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I've had two lots of radiation at various times - each time for specific tumours that were causing pain.   Both times radiation was successful - the first time very rapidly (within three sessions of radiation there was a noticeable decrease in tumour size)  and the second time much more slowly with the reduction taking about six weeks after the radiation finished.  Each time I had ten sessions over a two week time frame, apparently medium dose.    The first time I had no side effects at all apart from being a little tired.  The second time I had a few days of mild nausea which was easily controlled, and after the treatment finished all the skin on my stomach peeled - it was painless but looked odd (I kept it well coated in emollient cream which probably helped stop any itching).  They can radiate from just about any angle I would think.
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Thanks Kis. Hi, This all sounds quite reasonable. There was some comment from the radiologist about wanting to do a PET scan before commencing radiotherapy. My onocologist is not deeming this necessary. I am thinking we don't want to open a can of worms prior to travel as my aim is to travel safely without a bowel obstruction between July & August approx 7 weeks. I'm wondering if a pet scan will enable a more accurate radiation or laser treatment and if it advisable to do this. My veins are shot to pieces after approx 60 venepunctures in the last 2 years. The less needles the better. I'll deal with any other stuff if I need to when I get back to Aus. Any other advise is most welcome. Sue.
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