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Why do I need further screening?

After having a radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer 4 years ago, I had a day of spotting about a month ago.  My gyn-onc (in another state) suggested I find a local doctor and have a thorough examination (I fly back for exams every 6 months and have had NO problems since the hysterectomy).  I had a chest xray, pap smear & exam and all looked well.  I went in for a CT scan last week "to put my mind at ease".  The local gyn-onc called me the evening of my scan and asked me to come in for a TVS and CA125, as there were areas of fluid near an ovary.

I am about as low on the risk factors for ovarian cancer as you can get.  I have had pain from my right ovary occasionally since the hysterectomy, but I was always told that was a cyst and perfectly normal.  Wouldn't fluid "near an ovary" be from a cyst?  Why would the other tests be needed because of fluid?
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