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Why do wait 6 wks to start chemo?

I just wanted to ask if its normal to wait 6 weeks from surgery until they start chemo.  My Mum-in-law had surgery 10 days ago she has stage 3c.  They removed some of the tumors, alot of her bowel and full hysterectomy and lymph nodes with surgery but some tumors are still left behind on blood vessels so could not remove.
Is it normal to wait 6 weeks, it seems so long??
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I do think that this is standard procedure. Most surgeries call for a 6 week recovery period to give your body a chance to recover from the stress of a surgery. I was on chemo before my surgery and I had to wait for 6 weeks to resume my chemo. So try not to worry. They want your moms body to heal and recover from the surgery so she will be strong enough to handle the chemo. As chemo is hard on the body, they want it in as good of shape as possible.
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Yes, that is normal from what I understand. I had surgery on September 30th (in 2005) and wasn't scheduled to start chemo until November 10th. Your body needs time to rest and most importantly, heal. Abdominal surgery is heavy duty surgery and many of the chemo's out there not only weaken your immune system, they also thin your blood. Your incision won't heal too well if your blood can't clot properly. Your MIL needs to rest up both physically and mentally - she has a challening road ahead.
Best of luck,
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I started chemo 5 weeks post-op. I think 6 weeks is the most common. I know that the usual feeling is to want to get started and get it over with. I felt that way. I also felt like I was giving the cancer a chance to start growing. The wait is necessary because you need to be as strong as possible to tolerate the chemo well. Marie
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I had chemo before surgery and after surgery.  There was 8 weeks between my surgery and the resumption of chemo.  Paula
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My doctor must do things a little differently.  I only had three weeks between surgery and the start of chemo.  I was still very weak.  Some don't realize how serious that surgery is and how long it takes to snap back.  There still has been no "snapping back" on my part to this day.  Do others still feel like all your guts are gonna fall out when you walk? LOL This sensation makes it very difficult for me to consider running a marathon. (Which I have never done in my life, nor would I attempt one.)
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After having surgery your body needs to heal and rest.  You need to take it easy and
recooperate with a healthy body.  Normally you will have to have another surgery to
put in a port a cath that should be a in and out surgery to place a devise to allow the
doctors put the chemo in through the main vein.  Pray and ask God to help you as
you go through this cancer.
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