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Wondering if I might have Ovarian Cancer

I'm 27 with 3 wonderful children. So I am thankful for that... but here is my question. I have had lower righ abdominal pain, right lower back pain, gained on weight, spotting in between menstrual cycles, I don't know if I have been running a fever or not, but I get really hot and wake up at night cold because I am drenched in sweat.... So I'm thinking I am running fevers, I am exhausted and very tired lately, and this is pretty embarassing but it hurts during intercourse. I typed in my complaints on google and it brought up ovarian cancer. I have had a history of HPV. I had my tubes tied 2 years ago this last april. I had surgery back in October to remove a cyst, that happen to not be there when they went to do the surgery... so it was pointless money spent for that. Should I ask my doctor (which I switched since my surgery in October) to check me for Ovarian Cancer? I had both grandmothers pass away due to cancer. One was breast and the other was (they think) Ovarian Cancer is where it started, BUT at the time of her diagnoses it was spread throughout her body. Is it true when the say it skips a generation? I am a bit concerned, but don't like to make a big deal out of something that isn't. Does that make any sense? I have gained on 25 pounds in a matter of 3 months. I have a lot of bloating too. One day my jeans might fit ok, but the next I can't get them on. I don't get it. Any other suggestions? Can it be stress causing all of this discomfort for me? Sometimes it almost feels like my lower abdomen is contracting.. That's the only way for me to discribe the feeling. I could use all the input possible. I see my doctor on tuesday for my 6 month check, since I have to go in every six months due to my history of HPV. I would appreciate suggestions. I'm just confused I think.
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Definitely ask for the transvaginal ultrasound. I know, who wants to experience that? But it's a relatively easy test to do and will show them so much. I don't know much about this skipping a generation business. Kind of sounds like a wive's tale. The fact that you have cancer in the family history, it would be best to have things checked out, not only for your health but for your peace of mind. You shouldn't feel that miserable.

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I know how you feel. Last year I would put something on in the morning and by the mid afternoon I'd have to unbutton my pants. He** last year (I think) I wore my husbands pajama pants to work. The bloating sucks. Now my stomach is permantly bloated or something. I can't wear anything I wore last year.  I can't suck it in anymore.

The thing is with family history, most doctors only pay attention if it first line relatives. I'm trying to get a doctor to let me have a mammogram. Since my paternal grandmother had double primary breast cancer, and had hyster due to cancer before the age of 40. They say that risk isn't high enough to start mammos early, to wait until I'm 40 . So I have 6 years to wait. Point is doctors don't listen you may think they are, but half of them don't. The first thing your doctor is probably going to say is "Take more fiber, it's IBS." They love to throw that DX out.

Oh and the sweating at night sound like night sweats. I get them every once and while. Not bad ones like that. It just feels like I wet the bed.

Talk to your doctor and make sure you get a Transvaginal Ultrasound. Let us know what you find out. Later, Paula
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Hello there. I would ask for your doctor to rule out ovarian cancer instead of telling him/her your symptoms. Ask for a transvaginal ultra sound and a ca-125 test. Your symptoms sound like ovarian cancer, but it could be a number of other things too. Ovca is a rare cancer so don't worry too much about it. Best of luck to you, Deandra
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