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Worried Sick--Fluid in Uterus, bilateral ovarian cysts--Cancer?

I'll try to keep this as brief but informative as possible.

Ruptured L ovarian cyst 7 weeks ago with excruciating pain, 2nd day of menstrual cycle. Ultrasound at that time found fluid in cul-de-sac. Pain persisted. Four days post-period, I began spotting, which lasted 5 days, followed immediately by "another" period. Doc said it was "fluke" period. Pain persisted, "spread" to back and R side over 2.5 weeks, at which time another "fluke" period occurred and lasted 2 days w/heavy bleeding. CT scan found fluid in uterus and 3 cm cyst also on RIGHT ovary. Doc has not mentioned testing fluid in uterus or CA-125 test; has not scheduled a follow-up appt, just keeps prescribing pain meds. While CA-125 may or may not be premature at this time, I would rather risk a false positive than find out later that this is uterine cancer.

1.  Is a CA-125 test warranted at this time, even as a precaution?
2.  Why is there fluid in the uterus?  And should I "strongly suggest" that the fluid in uterus be tested?
3.  Should tests be done to determine whether R ovarian cyst is fluid-filled or solid?

Thank you so very, very much for any advice you can provide.
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Dear Starfish,

How old are you? What has been the pattern of your menstrual pattern before this month?

In general, I would not immediately check a CA 125. You have pain because you have irritation of your abdomen from a cyst leaking. that does not imply it is malignant. I agree with your doctor. Symptoms from most ovarian cysts that rupture get better with time. I would repeat an ultrasound in a month. However, if your pain is not better in another week, the may be a reason to look inside with a laparoscope. you should ask your doctor about that.

best wishes to you
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Dear akg, thank you very much for your input. In response to your questions re: age/menstrual cycle history, I am 39 w/normal menstrual pattern before this issue began. I should add that I have Graves' Disease and Hashimoto's Disease. I understand the most recent comprehensive study found that women with Graves' are 80 percent more likely to be dx with ovarian cancer.  Does this information help at all?

Thank you again for taking the time to assist me.
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