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Worried about symptoms and upcoming appointment

WEll I know you've heard this many times and I'm just really worried atm,I'm 34 years old and husband is in the militairy,we are stationed in Germany so not anywhere near home:(  And if there are any militairy spouses or women that are militairy themselves you might know about our healthcare overseas.
I've been having the following symptoms,most of them for at ;least 6 months if not a year:
-Left sided what feels like constant ovary pain vague before but been getting worse in the last weeks and sometimes wakes me up when I lay on that side,if I turn in my sleep I feel the pain "tug" on my pelvis.
-lower and middle back pain
-bloating ,especially in the last week,my abdomen is 50 inches atm,I was 52" full term with my daugter.
-shortness of breath,and left sided rib pain if I sit up for long time
-really tired all the time
-urinairy frequency,my friends call me walnut bladder,lol
-heartburn and feeling full faster then usual
-waves of quick nauseau
-weight gain,despite eating most days only once a day
-feel pressure on left side of rectum,and constantly feel like bowel is not empty
-and last few days,area above my left collar bone is all puffed up,not hard but soft.
I'm having a doc's appointment on thursday with a regular family providor since here,they don't send you anywhere else without a referral,I'm just worried the whole process will just take forever,and I'm also reall worried about the symptoms,I know the chance is small for OVCA but from what I've read,a lot of the symptoms are there.
Was hoping someone can give me some pointers on how to go about getting the doctors to really listen and do the test that need to be done,a lot of times unfortunately the militairy doctors are in a rush and already have their hand on the door knob while your still talking,and I tend to go blank in front of the doctor,usually forgot to mention half the symptoms I'm having,could someone pls give me some pointers,and should I be worried?
Worried and feeling alone in Germany,

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Please write your symptoms down along with any questions you have. This way you won't forget anything. You've had symptoms for a long time. You need a pelvic ultrasound and maybe some blood tests (ca125, thyroid, etc.)... I hope you get the treatment you deserve.
Take care,
((( Raynbow
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Thanks for responding so quick,I will write down all my symptoms and questions,thank you for the suggestion.My appointment is tommorow,I'll let you know how it went:)
Take care,
hugs, Godutch
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Im bloated, pressure, on my bladder, heartburn, frequent urination I went to see my OBGYN and my uterus is enlarge now I have to get an ultrasound done.See your OBGYN.  Im getting symptons kinda like you.  Im scared I think you will be fine.  Im hoping mine isn't cancer.....Wish you the best...
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I have same symptoms and have been working with doctors for several months...without complete resolution. They have basically ruled out cancer, but it has been a longer process than I imagined.

Are you been through menopause yet? If not, CA125 can be misleading and cause ALOT of anxiety if positive, but it was my ticket to get a referral to Gynocologic Oncologist. Ask doc for referral to one, but please keep in mind that Ovarian Cancer is rare, but that doesn't mean you don't want to be diligent in getting it ruled out.

I feel bad, because you are out of the country and having to deal with this.

In hind site, based on my recent experiences, do write down all symptoms and begin to keep track daily. Then keep notes of what doctors say at each visist and results of all tests.

Make sure when you have a doctor visit, you press him or her to give you explanations for everything and do not be afraid to do this! For example if doctors says you should wait for an ultrasound at a specific time (usually day 7 - 10 of your cycle, if you are still mestruating) ask why? Ask the doctor to explain all tests being requested and results and make sure you are conmfortable with the answers.
Also, ask for them for something to relieve the symptoms, so you can be more comfortable.

Good luck and try to stay very positive (although I know it is difficult). Also finding people to talk with, is very helpful. HUGS.
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Had my appointment today,went okay I guess.I did write down all my symptoms and gave them to the doc,this helped me a lot.She said considering my family history (mom hysterectomy at 32 due to pre cervical cancer & breat cancer at 50,dad lung cancer at 37 ,brother testicular cancer at 35) it should definitely checked out,so she did a pelvic exam,not the rectal one,but could not feel my ovaries(I'm 80 lbs too heavy though so not too surprising) and took some cultures,she did say I had a vaginal infection and gave me some cream to use for a few nights. She did not do a PAP,she said that the infection could influence the result.
She referred me to radiology for an U/S and I have an appointment there on August 7th,I'll be going nuts till then but at least something is being done so far.I'll keep you guys up to date,thanks for all your responses,and I hope you all are doing well,Casey06 I hope you find out soon what is going on,keep us up to date,and bip when do you get your U/S done?Raynbow thank you for the advice,it really helped me,Everyone take care, HUGS!!
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My ultrasound is friday.  I hope Im ok...........My anxiety is so bad.  I think of the worst.........Ill let you know when I get my results...
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Hi everyone.  Stop the worry right now.  And stop the insanity with the CA125.  Mine was elevated in the 100 range and I had all of the symptoms you describe.  It turned out to be a very large endometrioma, grapefruit size, not cancer.  I had all of the symptoms of cancer, and I do mean every one of them.  The CA125 is elevated in premenopausal women, I am 44, and in women with endometriosis, which I obviously had most of my life without knowing.  These forums are helpful, very helpful sometimes, but then when others get going on the darn blood test, it irritates me!  THE CA 125 IS UNRELIABLE IN MANY CASES.  MY ONCOLOGIST, WHO REMOVED THE BENIGN CYST, did not even want to know the numbers of this test that my regular ob/gyn ordered.  He laughed and said "WE DON'T USE IT!!!!!"  I wish the test was banned for patients who end up not having cancer.  Please, spread the news about this.  I had myself having cancer for months until my cyst was removed.  All ended up well.  I wish you all good health.
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Have chest x-ray done for pleural effusion ((liquid in lung), tell the doctor and xray tec that you want to check for fluid in lungs..I had to stand with arms up above my head and another one from the side. Not standard poses for xray but this is done because the fluid tends to shift.  I too had difficulty breathing and OBGYN would not listen to my complaints so went to lung specialist who ordered xray be done in this manner.  In my case, the fluid had to be drainned and turned out to be OC cells.
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No dx of OVCA is based entirely on the CA125, but in 50% of the cases that it does coinside with the other tests, it is a good marker for some. Leslee's recurrances were both noted with an elevation, even before the scans could pick up the lesions.  I do not say that all women need to have the test, but since it the ONLY blood test we have right now,  it should be included in those that have the symptoms of OVCA along with the other scans etc.  Common sense explained by a good Onocologist will allay some of the distress. The more women that are picked up at an early stage the better the outcome.  A lot of women have the misconception that a normal pap  frees them from a worry about cancer, not true. The only true dx of OVCA is still the pathology report on tissue removed during surgery, and an experienced Onocologist that recognizes the growths for what they are.  There are many lab tests that give false readings, but they are used everyday to help the physician gain knowledge about what is going on in the body.
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Hi star!  you are correct and I apoligize for being so negative about the CA125.  I just remember my own experience and not having anywhere to turn for solid advice.  I realize it is the only marker for the OC diagnosis but don't you agree that until the diagnosis is made, we should not even have it performed due to the severe anxiety, sorrow, and undo stress that it may cause?  I respect your opinion very much but I had been through quite a storm because of that unecessary worry.  I just want women to know that the test needs to be promoted as "very unreliable" in the initial diagnosis of OC.  When we are at a most hopeless state, we don't need that unreliability in our lives.  What do you think?  We need to promote new testing.  We need to become more informed.  I respect all women, and I especially feel close to all of you who are going through such an ordeal.  You are not alone.
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We need to promote that it's the CHANGE in the numbers that doctors find useful, particularly and specifically when treating ovca.  Fixed numbers, especially in pre-meni and even in post aren't useful.  It is a useful pre-test - in that in the rare ovca case there is an initial measurement to use later.  It isn't a useful test for initially detecting ovca and that's seems to be a misconception that just won't go away.  

Unfortunately it's hard not to worry even when the test is meaningless.  I wish doctors would explain it that way, focusing on the CHANGE.  Actually that is how my gyno explained it, but even with that it did get to me a little bit.  (I found plenty of other things to worry about, like whether I should have the surgery at all, so that was hardly the big one for me.  ...I find ways and made sure to make myself, and my mom, nuts in the weeks before the surgery!)

I saw several studies trying to figure out combinations of the ca-125 plus other factors that would lead to diagnosis before surgery, but they weren't close yet and pointed that out in the studies.  I vaguely remember my gyno saying something about higher numbers.  I wish I could remember what.  But it definitely wasn't to go get worried if it was high.  Even if much, much higher numbers means a greater chance, it still isn't reliable enough to use and to get worried about it.  My GO didn't think to ask for the CA-125, nor did she ask at a later point.

Oh well, if it's said often enough, this too will change.

The same goes for the "symptoms of ovca".  They are essentially the same as  symptoms of a cyst.  But it's not promoted that way, (so that women and their doctors take them seriously,) but it can still put in fear where it isn't needed.
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