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Worried and going out of my mind

This past Saturday I woke up with mild stomach bloating/discomfort. I massaged my stomach and felt this large mass. I have never noticed anything like that in my stomach. I did, however feel like I need to pee way more often than usual in the past two months. So I went to the Dr on Monday and had ultrasound done. They found a 16 cm cyst/mass on my right ovary. I have always had cysts on my ovaries but small ones and they never gave me any trouble. Today I saw a gynecologist and he referred me to the gyn/oncologist for further testing. I was told that my cyst is very large, has some fluid but also some tissue. They also discovered some vascular activity but very slight. I am horrified!!! 17 months ago I had a set of twins and I have two other kids. I cannot imagine not being there for my babies :-( I am so worried because my appointment isn't until Good Friday and I just want this thing out of me. Please write and help me through this hard time of waiting. I can't sleep and don't know what to do with myself when I am awake. I am so scared. I can't believe that after so many ultrasounds during my pregnancy this thing never came up in any of them. I also worry what if this mass grew so fast that not even I noticed it until now :-( Help!!!
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I know you are scared. I hear you. If you are in the hands of a G.O. you are in good hands. They do other things besides cancer. If it has fluid they just have to take it out a certain way. I had a friend with a tumor that big and it was benign. Hang in there.

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i had the exact same thing ,they performed various tests and sent a biopsy to the lab during surgery ,as the tumor tested benign only my ovary was removed ,on further inspection they confirmed that yes it was completely benign .

A nurse told me that the huge tumors usually end up being nothing fatal in her experience ,hope that helps
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Thank you for your words of wisdom. I am beside myself while waiting and my life flashes in front of my eyes. The waiting for the appointment is horrible. I hope it's nothing but that does not help with the fear that there is possibility of cancer. :-( Counting down to the Good Friday and hoping for a really good Friday!!!
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Trust me we know how you feel.  The thoughts that go throught your end, there isn't one thought that we all haven't had.  You are in good hands, seeing a gyn/oncologist, you should see no one except someone like that.  They know what they are looking for.  There are alot of cyst/tumors that grow very fast.  I had a 28cm one that apparently grew very fast.  Now, I do have OV CA, that being said, I was a stage 1A even with a cyst that big, but most of these things are benign, remember that.  The only way for them to know what is going on, is to do surgery, get it out!!! and get it biopsied and to check surrounding organs.  Best Wishes to you.  Please keep us updated.

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God Bless you. Good Friday will be a good day. You are in my prayers.
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