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Worth further research

Although prospective, controlled clinical trials on LDN in the treatment of cancer are yet to be accomplished, as of March 2004 clinical "off-label" use of this medication by Dr. Bihari in some 450 patients with cancer — almost all of whom had failed to respond to standard treatments — suggests that more than 60% of patients with cancer may significantly benefit from LDN.

Of the 354 patients with whom Dr. Bihari had regular follow-up, 86 have shown objective signs of significant tumor shrinkage, at least a 75% reduction. 125 patients have stabilized and/or are moving toward remission.

Dr. Bihari's results sharply contrast to prior usual cancer treatment outcomes: either a cancer-induced death or a total cure. LDN therapy presents a viable third alternative, the possible long-term stabilization and/or gradual reduction of tumor mass volume.

Thus, with LDN, cancer can — in some cases — become a manageable chronic disease. Patients have the possibility of living free of symptoms, without, in many cases, the crippling side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

I will be doing a better look at this   it has been approved by the FDA I think.
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Very interesting. I don't have time now but briefly looked at it. Raising the endorphins. My daughter had mentioned this a few years ago. Let me know what you find out, Martha. Can it be done with chemo I wonder?
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This information regarding Naltrexone is being presented here because of its potential importance to seriously ill individuals and its record of safety.

Naltrexone is usually used in 50mg doses as a drug to help heroin or opium addicts, by blocking the effect of such drugs. FDA-approved naltrexone, in a low dose (previously 3mg, optimal adult dose has been raised to 4.5mg), can boost the immune system, helping those with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. LDN is currently under experimental use for many conditions. Preliminary results are very encouraging: Naltrexone increases the body's production of the beta and metenkephalin endorphins and blood tests have indicated that it can double or even triple the activity of natural killer cells.  

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Low dose naltrexone might exert its effects on tumor growth through a mix of three possible mechanisms:

By inducing increases of metenkephalin (an endorphin produced in large amounts in the adrenal medulla) and beta endorphin in the blood stream;
By inducing an increase in the number and density of opiate receptors on the tumor cell membranes, thereby making them more responsive to the growth-inhibiting effects of the already-present levels of endorphins, which induce apoptosis (cell death) in the cancer cells; and
By increasing the natural killer (NK) cell numbers and NK cell activity and lymphocyte activated CD8 numbers, which are quite responsive to increased levels of endorphins.1 (abstract)
  I did see one place where it can be used along with chemo  FDA has approved the low dose of 4.5  for adult use.  We will be asking Mayo about this next week will let you know what they say.
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About three weeks ago I too mentioned LDN which I was prescribed by a Cam physician.  It seems to boost the immune system.  I feel it can hurt and just might help.  Unfortunately right now Dr. Bihari is not practicing because of an accident, but he has worked with this for 10 years or more.  Good luck at Mayo with it, but like anything you got to do what you got to do.
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