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Would appreciate some feedback..

Hi. Due to an enlarged uterus (biopsy showed it is not malignant so opted to treat it  hormonally first); it's been reccommended I go ahead and have a hysterectomy since it does not seem to be shrinking. Doc also reccommends removal of my ovaries too due to the risk of possible ovarian cancer - my age (56), and somewhat sketchy history. Had double Ovarian cysts back in the late 70's and a cervical freeze performed years ago too around the same timeframe. Otherwise normal paps, periods, etc.''

My doc;s thoughts are to go ahead and take the ovaries to avoid getting cancer and risking another major surgery if that were to happen.

If you were me, knowing what you know, would you also reccommend a 'total' hysterectomy?
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The question is how do you feel about it.You are your best advocate. Also do you trust your Doctor? You can always get a second opinion even if you do trust your Doctor. You probably do not need your reproductive organs so that is a plus, a minus is the symptoms of menopause. Mine have started to calm down after a year. I am glad I had surgery. It is a serious decision.

If it were offered to me I would say yes. But then I ended up with late stage Cancer. I am not sure how I would be if it were offered to me and I did not have cancer.

What I do is make sheet with Pros and Cons, I talk to my Primary Care Doctor because I trust her. I read up on the surgery because I like to know everything. I talk to friends who have had it. I would get a second opinion not just to see if it is right thing but because I ended up in an awful hospital because I did not know better.

After surgery I found a way better hospital. I would not have had surgery there if I had seen what a dump the place was or how bad the care was. I was too scared to get a second opinion. My Doctor it turns out was in a Rock and Roll band so I did not see  him for three months after surgery. I had no doctor at all when I needed one the most. I did not see him the day of surgery or for the week I was in hospital. He did not even take the staples out a nurse I had never seen before did. My nurse was out of a bad comedy.

I know this is tough but whatever decision you make is the right one for you.

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