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a question for everyone

im sorry to hear all of u having to go thru such an awful time with this, i do pray that you all recovery.
i just wanted to ask what prompted you to go to ur dr in the first place and (sorry to ask) how old all of u ladies r?

im 27, 2 daughters. ive been having bathroom issues for which i was seeing my dr, they put it down to IBS (ive has feacle cultrue done, all normal) but i have had 2 abdo scan, all normal so far. ive been having painful ovulation for the past 6months, some worse than others. this month thou ive been having alot of bak pain that moves to my front at times, comes n goes some days r okish others not soo good.even groin and belly button pain,at times this month.

im gng to c my dr for a referal for ultrasound but im scared like anything. my mother has scared me saying it cud have ovarian cancer. i dont have any histroy of it in my family or any cancer (thank god). can anyone help me out, thanks
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Hi.  It could just be a cyst.  I'm waiting to find out about mine - I see the gyn on Thursday.  I'm 47 years old.  My symptoms have been getting worse for about 8-10 months.  They are:  my periods which were clockwork 28 days began getting random.  I'd have my period then again anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks after it ended, get it again.  Heavy bleeding (like post delivery).  My cramps were like labor pains, including the lower back.  Now I'm always having "period" cramps, but when I have my period, more like "labor pain" type.  

Everyone here says stay positive, and I believe that's the best advice.
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My symptoms were similar. My periods were always like clockwork and from the time I can remember, if I ovulated on the left (my preception) I would have severe cramps. About 2 years ago my periods were heavier with spotting in between which I attributed to pre-menopause (I was 45). When I began thyroid medicine my spotting stopped so I assumed it was all due to hormone imbalance and from what I read regarding hypothyroidism you can have symptoms which mimic menopause so I was not concerned. I was overdue for a gyn exam (busy mother and business owner). During the summer I started with severe low back pain, severe menstrual cramps, heavy periods bouts of constipation and said its time to take care of myself. They found a 10cm ovarian cyst. Now I do have a big belly but if you saw my grandmother and mother you would say "that's just how they are built" and they never had ovarian cysts. Grandma lived to her 90's with all her parts. As I am researching this matter for myself it seems this is epidemic. It occurs in women of all ages but seems more prevelent in the 40's. At your age there is hormone treatment and numerous non surgical treatments. Don't worry, just get yourself checked out and don't let your imagination run wild on you. Just do what you got to do. The ladies in this forum are wonderful and have great advise. Stay positive.
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