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abdominal mass

I discovered recently that I was pregnant, and was making to plans to have an early termination. When I went to a preliminary appointment they discovered I was 8 weeks along. When the doctor was doing the exam she felt a lump the size of a tangerine a little below and too the left of my belly button. I had noticed this lump before, but as I had been pregnant before I believed it was my uterus. She said this was not my uterus, but a large foreign mass that she could not identify. She said it worried her. She felt that for it to be a cyst my ovary would have to be severely displaced, and that it was too large for a normal cyst.
She also said, "We'll deal with it after the DNC." Has anyone had a similar mass? One question I have about cysts, is it normal for them to be hard and the size of the palm of my hand? Should I go back or wait until after the procedure (which is in a little over a week)?
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