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abdominal pain and back pain

hi, i am 26 years old female, since last two months i had really bad abdominal pain with back pain and very bad vaginal problems such as urine burns and itches, lots of diarrohia and very heavy and painfull periods, swelling and bloated tummy.....
my doctor checked for all infections and stuff and found nothing, everything was clear....doctor did internat exam and found it very soar and swallon around my uterus, which was very painfull! they suspected either ovarian cysts or fibroids....
they send me for a internat scan...which happend after 2 months of my problems....they said there is nothing too abvious and i need to have the scan done again in six months?
what can the problem be?  is there any way that cysts doesn't sometimes show up in a scan?
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Did you have a transvaginal ultrasound as the internal scan or a CT?

Personnaly I think waiting 6 months for follow-up is way too long. Make sure you understood your doctor.
For ovarian cysts it is very common to wait 6 WEEKS for a follow-up TVUS, but not 6 months.

I would think they would want to do more testing to determine cause of swelling in uterus.
I would ask your doctor for more follow-up or better yet go to another doctor for a second opinion. This one doesn't sound to sharp to me.

Best wishes and keep us posted.
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yeh i had a transvaginal ultrasound as internal scan.....they said its nothing too obvious...i don't really know what they meant by that....neway nowadays i have really bad pains in my chest keeps coming n going.....n have a really bad lump under arms, got it checked yesterday and doctor said its just a skin infection and she gave me antibiotics.....this week i feel really ill, coz my lower abdomen and back pain has gone worst which is accompanied by chest pain and its making really dizzy and have lots of headaches...........don't understand whats the link between all of this and its making me feel really tired all the time, which is very disturbing coz i have two little boys and i have to run after them all the time....my kids are aged 3 and 11/2...please can u tel me what check ups should i get done from my doctor and what should i look out for?
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hi, sorry my scan was actually a pelvic exam
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If I were you with all your symptoms I would demand a laporscopic surgery and a D&c to see whats going on that way if they see something and they can biopsy it before it gets out of control as it did in me when I was 26. Please listen to me. They told me I had fibroids and I did not I had cancer and lots of it. I have been fighting it since March06 and it is not fun. Listen to your body you know something wrong, You are never too young to have cancer, no one can tell you that, it is a stupid statement. You would think if you cancer you would know, but you don't. PLEASE GO DEMAND A LAPORSCOPIC EXPLORATION AND A D&C!!!!!!!!
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I'm not sure I would continue to work with your current doctor (whether it be a GP or Ob/Gyn).

I would contact another Ob/Gyn and explain the urgency and severity of symptoms and that you want to be seen right away. For new patients they try to stall, but if you mention you are very concerned about something serious like cancer, they should accomodate you.

Another option is to go to the ER and tell them all your symptoms.
Last resort is to ask current doctor for a CT, but they may not agree.

With the symptoms you describe, you need someone to determine the cause, you should not  have to just tolerate them. I am not saying you have anything as serious as cancer, but you do need some answers. Don't wait around for someone to take care of you, you need to be proactive for yourself. Unfortunately the doctors don't care as much as we would like to think.

Good luck.
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hi, and thank you all so much....i can't believe how helpful this is, reading all your replies has made me really strong to actually go n talk to doctor with confidence....
thank you so much...
i did go and see my doctor last week, and this time i met different doctor, she has reffered me to a gynocalogist n my appointment is on 18th dec....so i hope to find out more....i also asked them about the scan i had, she told me it was all clear but it was not to check fibroids so they don't know what it is....
well my symptoms are just getting worst and now i have a fever too with lots of aches and pains but i guess thats just because of the bad weather....
thank you all once again....
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hi again....i just went to my appointment to see gynacologist...she did all the test again which i  already had with my GP and than with the GUM Clinic, she has prescribed again antibiotics incase if there is any infection...i told her that i have allready been through this antibiotics twice before and it did not treat me better...but she recons this time it might, she also did internal and said that my uterus is very tender and is swallon up but she thinks becoz i m only 26 it can't be any serious, she also said that my pelvic scan was normal and that i have no cyst so can it be anything else?.....she wants me to come back to her again in 6 weeks time...plz some one help and tell me what i should do?
i have been getting worst day by day, i have really bad chest pains nowadays and went to AE and was given antibiotics cause they said i have a very bad chest infection, i have finished the course but my chest pain is still there....
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Sorry, but your gynecologist doesn't sound too helpful either....uhggg!
If your uterus is tender and swollen, what difference does your age make??? and how does she know it's not serious? Did she at least do a PAP? I think stephers1 is correct, you need a D&C to see what is irratating your utereus and causing pain and symptoms. Call the stinker back and ask to discuss. Sorry,this really stinks. Good luck.
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thank you so much....this is exactly what i thought....i went to gyna coz i thought she would take a step further but she has taken me back to square 1 and put me on same antibiotics that i have allready been on twice and finished the course.....but somehow she thinks it will work this time...No she didn't do PAP, i did tell her about my chest and she respond saying that she is gyno i would have to go to chest clinic for chest pains....how silly is that? every doctor that i talk to only wants to talk about only 1 thing, they don't like listening to all the problems i have....but to me all this could be symptoms of one main problem right?
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Yes, unfortunately most doctors and specialists only want to deal with one aspect or symptom at a time and that is absolutley wrong and the easy way out! They are supposed to put all the information together to determine diagnosis. You need to make them do their job. Ask her to determine the cause of the swollen and tender uterus and not tio assume it is nothing serious!
Good doctors are hard to find, but let this one know you are not going to let her off that easy!
Let her know you are in pain and concerned about something serious and it is her job to make sure it isn't something serious.

It's not fun and shouldn't be necessary, but it is!

Write down all your symptoms and time frame of occurance and all tests and results and make her explain what you should do next. Don't give up.

Good luck.
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Aimy.  Iam not a dr but it seems like you have multiple symptoms.  Perhaps the female problems are unrelated.  Did you get ultrasound done and what were the results?  I have had my gall bladder removed at 26 I would get excruciating pain in upper abdominal and seemed to wrap around to my back and thru chest.  Almost making it feel like I could not breathe.  And no position that I would sit or lay would alleviate the pain.  The pain would be triggered after a high fat meal and could last minutes to hours.  It felt like someone had punched me in my stomach extremely hard.  Also I would have bouts of nausea and diaharreah.  Ive since had my gallbladder removed and the pain has gone for the most part.  Time to time i get the same pain but only for couple minutes and not to the same degree.  The dr says sometimes you may still experience similar pain even with gallbladder removed.  Dont give up and keep trying.  You know your body best and if somethings feels off go with your gut.  Since the gallbladder incident I have also had my left ovary removed due to a mucinous borderline the size of basketball.  I had very few symptoms with that issue.  Only think I could honestly recall as a symptom was being extremely bloated after I would eat and also after I eat I would become short of breath because the tumor was so large.  I only weighed 139 at the time of that tumor and considering the size it was not even that noticable to friends or family because the tumor would kind of intertwine itself w other organs.  Stay strong and keep looking for an answer but if they did not give you a ultrasound make sure they do ....
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you may want to see a gyno-oncologist they are more specialized with female problems.They may be able to find something a regular gynocologist cant.  Good Luck.
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