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abnormal bleeding

I am 48, have no children, am still menstruating, FSH normal; no pre or menopausal symptoms.I smoke and had rheumatic fever as a teen, and now a bad mitral heart valve. I get severe migraines. Have never missed a period. Beginning a year ago last September have been bleeding 3 to 4 weeks a month, at times heavy enough to ruin clothing. Prior to this , have 3 day periods, no PMS, no cramps, etc.
With this bleeding have had severe nausea, and the blood is not normal color or consistency.
FINALLY, got my NEW dr to do some tests. Transvaginal ultrasound shows polyps, fibroid and ovarian cysts. Biopsy of uterus came back NEG.
The Dr prescribed Ortho-cyclen and I concerned that I should not be taking this. I was alwasys told I could not take birth control pills b/c of the rheumatic fever. This Dr said he never heard of that.I am 48, smoke, have heart problem and migraine. Surely there are better ways to deal with the polyps, cysts and fibroid??
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Hi There,
It sounds like you have had good care. I agree with your doctor. there is no contra-indication to birth control pills with rheumatic fever. Now, smoking is a huge risk factor for a shortened life. It causes lung cancer and severe cardiovascular disease. Please STOP smoking.

a more comprehensive test to evaluate the cause of your bleeding is a D&C. Ask your doctor about that as well
best wishes
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Oh- forgot to add- my mammogram came back showing 3 suspicios lumps that have changed signifigantly from previous mammo...am awating appointment (which has taken 2 and a half months to get) for ultra sound.
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