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alternative therapies?

Hi all,
My aunt is currently stage III OVCA and is undergoing 'chronic chemo'. In addition to this, she is now in Atlanta, receiving alternative treatment called "New German Medicine". She stopped in for a visit in between treatments for the weekend and seemed thrilled with the program and looked and sounded great. It seems very focused on a mind-body connection as well as a specific diet (hers was gluten free baby food with when necessary minimal "fresh healthy well chewed" small meals, 8 times a day, as well as other supplements. Her cancer is pressing on her intestines and making digestion and constipation a problem as you can imagine and relate to I am sure.
I am just wondering if anyone has any experience or thoughts on this or other treatments other than the traditional chemo and radiation (She is still going to do her monthly chemo regardless).
I don't have specifics, just this website that I found:
Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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I think that Alternative Therapies are personal choices and things that must be discussed in depth with the doctor.  If there were any alternative therapies that truly worked, then they would be first line treatments and not alternative....not to say that certain things will not make the "person" feel better and more "centered" "healthy", etc, and that is and can be just as important as treatment that might eraticate the cancer.  Again be certain that all treatments are discussed with doctors as some doctors feel that certain supplements, etc, could feed the cancer and/or have an adverse effect on the chemo.
Hoping your Aunt continues to feel well!!!
Best of luck,
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