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ankle swelling after ovarian cancer treatment

in having swelling of the ankles and some stomach discomfort..cat scan -clear(ldone 3 weeks ago) and ca-125 -10.
dr, feels adhesions are the provlem but the nkle swelling is something new,  could it be some kind of liver dis-function?

any thoughts??


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Hi, My Mom also had ankle swelling after her first round of chemo.  It got so bad that we went to the ER.  They said its edema basicaly from steroids.  We too thought it may have been like a liver or bladder or something.  It should go away within time.

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Hi -- If they did anything with the lymph nodes, it could be some type of lymphedema -- I'd check with the doctor -- I have swollen ankles but I know it's from the Doxil I'm on -- if you go to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition website they actually have a survey they are running on this very subject -- you may want to complete it to help everyone else and also contact them to see what they have to say
Try elevating your feet as much as possible and also keep them on soft ice packs when elevated -- that helps short term for me
I hope you feel better
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