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What is the procedure for treating ascites?
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I had ascites as the only symptom for my ovarian cancer - it is not always malignant I hasten to say!

Treatment was ultrasound scan during which a tube was inserted into the relevant cavity where the ascites was ( with the help of a pain killer administered locally)  This was attached to a bag for the fluid to drain into.
In my case I had chemotherapy before surgery to remove tumours - six treatments - to dry up the ascites - then four more after surgery.

You can carry the bag around and it was a relief to have the drain.

I had about five 'drains' - 8.5 litres. 11.5 litres, 7.00 litres, 4 litres and 2 litres
over four and a half months from July .06

At present I am about six weeks since last chemo waiting to see if the ascites comes back.

I am in the UK but I expect treatment is about the same anywhere.

You don't say why you want to know but as I said before the ascites is not necessarily malignant.

Best wishes,

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