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back pain and vaginal bleeding - ok?

I am new to this site.  I came upon it when researching my symptoms in a search engine.  I've had 4 children.  I am 47 years old.  I have rheumatoid arthritis; being treated with Remicade.  I recently passed a kidney stone and have three small stones left in my left kidney.  Last week, I began experiencing tremendous low-back pain.  I thought this was a worsening of the arthritis in my spine.  I then began to experience vaginal spotting.  It is still occuring almost a week later, and the back pain is excruciating.  I feel much better when lying down.  Yesterday I began to feel very light-headed and nauseous.  I am also very bloated - I can hardly button my pants. I saw my doctor last week when this first started.  He recommended a CT scan if symptoms did not go away in a week.  I will have that CT scan in a couple of days.  My question is this: How likely is it that these could be symptoms of cancer?  I have a maternal aunt who died last year of ovarian cancer.  My mother had lung cancer, my father prostate cancer, my grandmother bladder cancer. It's just hard to wait for these tests and test results!  Has anyone out there had symptoms like these?
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Well first of all congratulations on passing that kidney stone - boy that must have hurt.  AND you have three left.  My money is on the fact that the remaining kidney stones have been displaced to a very uncomfortable place and is causing the back pain.  Anything wrong with the kidneys and the pain is dreadful, and spreads all over the pelvic region.

Take the pain meds and sweat it out.  Easy for me to say I know but it is only a couple of days and then the scan and the results should come in pretty quick.

Take care.
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I passed 3 kidney stones in August/september so I totally feel your pain.  I ended up having a CT, u/s and vag. u/s and they ended up finding a dermoid tumor on my ovary.  I can't help you as far as the odds of having cancer, but just try and rest easy and concentrate on getting the stones out.  The last thing I wanted to do was drink, but keep drinking lots of water!  Best of luck!
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Just do the CT, and the vaginal ultras. too ASAP>
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