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black spots on my small size ovary

Dear Dr.
I had an altrasound today for my ovaries and the lady who did it told me that the size of one of my ovaries is smaller than normal with some black spots on it, while the other ovary is totally normal and also the womb. what is the medical explanation of this please, and can it be an ovarian cancer?

Note: I have no pain at all in this area but I have irregular period since a few years. I am married for 2 years now and I was pregnent a year ago and I had a misscarriage one month after the pregnency. since then me and my husband are trying for a baby but I couldn't be pregnent again. I did blood tests and they were normal and my doctor refered me to do this ultrasound. Do you think that I cannot be pregnant because of this problem in my ovary. I am so worried please reply soon.

Thank you very much
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