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blood clots after polyp removal

I am posting here because there are no new posts allowed in the GYN forum, this is not necessarily related to cancer. I was dianosed with endometriosis this summer. Three were found on my ovary but were relieved after being prescribed BC pills (Microgestin 1/20 to stop menses). I passed blood clots for a month and at my next ultrasound when I notified the Dr. of this, I was told that I had polyps and that a D & C would be performed. At least 7 polyps were removed and the I had a successful follow-up after the procedure and have had stayed on the microgestin 1/20. When I miss a pill at night, which does not happen often, I wake in the morning with severe cramps, a cystic ovary-like pain, and some spotting but each of the three times that I have missed a pill, I pass blood clots. This last time I had a large clot and spotting the following morning. This does go away when I resume this pills regularly. I am concerned that the blood clots is a sign that there is another occurence of polyps or something of that nature. Is it normal to pass large clots with one missed pill and should I see my GYN about this? I would like to refuse endometrial biopsys because I find them entirely too painful ( I have vaso vagal episodes easily in the past) and I become lightheaded and shake, can I forgo the biopsys and ask the Dr. to just do exams and ultrasounds?
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