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brain and chest wall tumors

I know brain mets and chest wall tumors are rare with ov/ca.  What could have caused both of these things in me? I was dx. in 2003 and had one recurrence in 2005 (small vaginal tumor, which was removed, then on doxil for 12 months)  Do these recent recurrences, which were found at the same time, mean it is in my blood stream?  The brain tumor, (5cm) was removed in Dec. and now I am trying to see if this tumor between my ribs can be removed.  It is causing itching and discomfort, especially at night. I had radiation and 2 chemo tx. for it, but then had to have the brain surgery.  It has been tested,as was the brain tumor, and both are ov/ca. I had IIIc papillary serous adenocarcinoma.  Should I get on chemo after the removal of this chest tumor, or just wait and see what happens?  So far nothing else is showing up.  Any thoughts you may have would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi there,

Yes, to get to the brain, the cancer has to travel in the blood stream.  It sounds like you are getting very good therapy.  If it is possible to remove the tumor without to much risk to you, it may be a good option. You should ask your doctor if you  could meet with a chest surgeon to get their advice
best wishes
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