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cancer and allergies

Has anyone else developed allergeries to chemicals and cleaners since their hysterectomy
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In the year 2000 I had a complete hysterectomy after malignant cells were found in a cyst on one of my ovaries. I never had to have chemotherapy. I wanted to address your post, though, because even though I've known for years that some chemicals (perfumes, spray cleaners, etc., ) bothered me (headaches, fatigue, sometimes a feeling that something is stuck in my throat requiring me to use two sprays from an inhaler) I got worse after my hysterectomy.

Through my research on this matter as I've researched the effects caused my losing the ovarian hormones, I've found information that indicated that low testosterone after hysterectomy especially could be blamed for chemical sensitivities. They also indicated that low testosterone could be blamed for believe it or not, clumsiness, and also sensitivity to loud noises... I've struggled with all of these. The clumsiness is better when I keep up with my workouts (helps the nerve endings, I believe). I'm also better when I keep up with my small dose of Testosterone which I use along with estradiol.

I listed my resources on my profile (or maybe journal) page.

I will say that I work with teenagers and have had to post signs in our program and on my classroom door saying, "No perfume, please." I'd probably put that sign up even if I did not have a sensitivity. There are WAY too many scented things in our culture... it drives me crazy.... so many chemicals. Although, I just returned a make up that was 'natural' and the scent was horrible! I washed it off the minute I put it on. I can handle some products, but I have to be so careful. Avoidance is what works best but I know that's not always possible. I've even spoken to my Allergy doctor about this and they are calling it a 'sensitivity' and not a true allergy, which would probably require me to quit my job and just stay secluded, so I hope it never gets that bad....but the sensitivity is bad enough... and when I'm low in testosterone supplementation it gets worse.

Some of the school districts in my area post notices before the big back-to-school meetings in the Fall stating that no one should wear cologne or perfume. In the past several people have been hospitalized because they got so sick from others' use of these products.

Sorry... Don't mean to get preachy here, but this is really a problem and for women like us who've lost our natural source of testosterone (women secrete it from the ovaries until they are in their late 70's or 80's.... although it is in a less optimal amount, but still... there's something)...anyway, women like us really suffer around these chemicals and it's a very difficult one to control. I know I've put off a few friends in the past by asking them not to wear perfume...I hate saying anything because I never know how people are going to react, but lately I get so sick from some of the products out there, that I'm very up-front about it now and hope people understand.

Take care,

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Yes, allergies can develop after major surgery. My doctor says the shock to your system throws things off kilter (okay, that's not very scientific language!). I know a pet-shop owner who developed allergies to all animals with hair/fur after her hysterectomy. I had a hysterectomy 9 years ago (ovarian cancer but no chemo) and have since developed chronic migraines + headaches, allergy to cat hair that was treated with allergy shots over 2 years, and an exacerbated dust allergy that did not respond to shots. My migraines involve great sensitivity to odours and sounds.
You are well within your rights to ask people around you (at work or school) not to wear perfumes because most of the new perfumes are chemical-based. As for cleaners, it's better for you AND the planet to use vinegar or a steam cleaner.
Be kind to yourself, and be well.
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i know that i was advised not to mix  over the counter meds or products as well as asprin or other supplements with the chemo-i would think that many household products as well as shampoos etc could also react poorly  while a person is  on chemo or afterwards while some may still be in the system, when one considers all the additives in most everything we use or consume to food color  and scents etc i can see where allergies would   develope, talk to your m,d maybe he could ref you to an allergy m.d best of luck
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